Take your career next-level with a Master of Engineering

Designed to foster innovative thinking, entrepreneurship and advanced professional development, the one-year Master of Engineering gives you the skills to take your career to the next level and beyond.

The Master of Engineering extends your technical knowledge in five specialisation areas and prepares you to lead and deliver sustainable engineering solutions at a time when they’re needed more than ever.

Gaining practical experience with real-world engineering projects is a key feature of the course. You’ll participate in the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program, where you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable job-ready skills through an internship in a professional engineering setting. You’ll also have the chance to join one of our many diverse, competitive and high-performing student teams, where you’ll tackle authentic design and build projects while making new friends and learning valuable team-work skills.

Through the WIL program, Masters student Mishadi Herath took part in the Global Sanitation and Sustainability Project (GSSP) at the Australian Centre for Education and Training – Global (ACET – Global). In doing so, she experienced the power of the program to shape both her personal outlook and her future career. As a civil engineer specialising in water, Mishadi devoted much of her time at ACET – Global to pinpointing key areas in Sri Lanka lacking proper sanitation – in other words, places without a system for safe disposal of human waste.

“Practical experience is very important in engineering, and this internship gave me the opportunity to do research in fields closely related to my specialisation, such as sanitation, groundwater and water purification,” says Mishadi. “By opening my eyes to the dire consequences of inadequate global sanitation, I felt motivated, as an engineer, to help enhance living standards.”

Mishadi worked under the close supervision of Syed Shah, Managing Director and CEO of ACET – Global. “She was provided with an advanced course in project management and lots of material on innovative design thinking and problem solving,” he explained. “Then later we had a number of discussions around employer expectations and how to get ready for work life in the future.”

Mishadi Herath

Civil Engineering Masters student Mishadi Herath

Through participation in student teams, Masters student Salil Kulkarni was able to learn critical skills in navigating team dynamics and applying engineering knowledge in a real-world scenario.

“My studies at Monash Engineering have been all about working in a high-functioning and diverse engineering team,” he said. “I’ve been actively involved with the Monash Human Power Team, who are aiming to break the Australian human-powered vehicle speed record with our own custom-designed vehicle. We oversee everything – from design and development to verification, manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance.”

“I’ve learned so much about team management and dealing with conflicts within the team, which is something that I think is very important in the workplace,” he said. “ We’ve dealt with a lot of setbacks, and have learned that it's true what they say - you make a plan, you stick to the plan, and when things go wrong, you throw the plan out of the window and you make a new plan!”

Like Mishadi and Salil, you too can learn to become an innovative thinker, ready to solve complex local and global problems in diverse teams. Set yourself apart from the competition and take your career to the next level by studying a Master of Engineering.

Salil Kulkarni

Mechanical Engineering Masters student Salil Kulkarni

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