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E-TEC transforms Monash Engineering students in the tropics

Last month, 30 Engineering students from the Clayton campus, on exchange at Monash Malaysia, embarked on our first ever Engineering-Tropical Exchange Challenge (E-TEC). This new 10-day enrichment program immersed them in intercultural experiences

22 August, 2019

Should Australia be investing in nuclear energy?

The Australian government is launching an inquiry into the possibility of building a nuclear power industry in Australia. Some will see this as a good thing – another low-carbon tool in the toolbox that we need to combat climate change;

7 August, 2019
Robotic Construction

How robots are transforming the construction industry

Monash University is at the cutting edge of research and development in structural innovation and smart construction. Within the Department of Civil Engineering Professor Yu Bai and his team of researchers are breaking boundaries and improving

6 August, 2019

The future is driverless: Monash Motorsport - the home of Australia's first student-built, fully autonomous race car

Monash Motor sport students are pushing the boundaries of automotive technology, creating Australia’s first student-built driverless race car equipped to compete against the world’s best Formula Student teams in the driverless category

5 August, 2019
Monash Forge team

Making sustainable materials through the ancient art of blacksmithing

Get your hands dirty with Monash Forge, a new student team investigating sustainable manufacturing processes through the ancient arts of forging, blacksmithing and casting.

1 August, 2019

ACL injury 'epidemic': research reveals repetition's role in breakdown

A joint study shows that, rather than single-force events, most anterior cruciate ligament ruptures are the result of continued-use damage that hasn’t repaired quickly enough.

25 July, 2019
salt crystals

Water solutions without a grain of salt

Monash chemical engineers have developed a solar steam generation system that produces clean water from salty (ocean) water with almost 100 per cent salt removal.

24 July, 2019
flinders street station

New parents abandon public transport for cars

Increased off-peak service frequency and dedicated “caregiver” parking at stations could make public transport more attractive to new parents and curb traffic congestion in Melbourne, new research by Monash University shows.

22 July, 2019