Women in Engineering

Like its STEM peers, engineering has often been cast as a male-dominated discipline. But the truth is, engineering is for everyone. And our successful engineering graduates are living and working proof of that. Here, we look at how women in engineering are making things happen – and how you can, too.

Tessa Charles

Meet our senior women

A/Professor Victoria Haritos

Associate Dean (Projects)

Professor Victoria Haritos is the  Associate Dean (Projects). She has professional association with American Chemical Society and Australian Institute for energy...

Professor Julia Lamborn

Associate Dean (Education)

Professor Julia Lamborn received her BEng (Civil) GradDipChemEng; and MEng and PhD in Environmental Engineering, all from Swinburne University of Technology. Her PhD thesis was on landfill gas modelling. Julia is a civil, chemical and environmental engineer. She was...

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