Monique Lautee

Monique Lautee

Monique Lautee

Specialisation: Mechanical Engineering


Student type: Domestic
Degree: Undergraduate
Year of study: 3rd Year

"That feeling of satisfaction when something works. Despite the challenges, engineering is very rewarding – especially when you know that what you’re working on is going to have a positive impact on someone’s life or even the world."

So why engineering? What attracted you to it as a career?
I didn’t know much about engineering back in high school. I decided to pursue it because I was good at maths and enjoyed physics and thought engineering was a practical combination of the two. I’ve since learnt it is so much more than that! The opportunity to learn a range of skills and work in many different industries makes engineering an attractive career choice.

Who was your biggest influencer, the person that supported your decision to study engineering?
My Dad has always encouraged me to try my best and think outside the box – two attributes I still use while studying engineering.

Why did you choose engineering at Monash, what was the tipping point, the thing that made you decide it was for you?
I knew Monash had a great reputation – especially for engineering. I was fortunate enough to be awarded an Excellence and Equity scholarship which only cemented my choice of Monash.

How do you think we can make girls at school consider engineering as a career, alongside traditional areas like medicine or law?
Get them involved in engineering from the primary school level. It may not be ‘typical’ engineering activities, but building on skills used in industry such as teamwork, problem solving, critical and creative thinking in project-based learning. I also think positive role models and celebrating and sharing public awareness of female engineers at all stages of their careers will help girls realise this is a real (and awesome!) option for them.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a girl thinking about engineering as a career? Or a girl who enjoys STEM subjects?
Think about why you enjoy STEM subjects and if/how engineering can help you explore those passions further and ultimately turn them into a career you’re proud of.

What inspires you to keep on questioning?
Knowing that the answer is out there somewhere and that the most exciting part is the journey to finding it.

If you could solve one problem that we face in our day to day lives, what would it be?
Our dependence, anti-social and sometimes dangerous behaviour caused by mobile devices in our daily lives. If only we had smartphone capabilities integrated into the human body – taking “hands-free” to the next level!