Abhishek Chhikara

Abhishek Chhikara

Abhishek Chhikara graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 2015.

Abhishek chose to study engineering at Monash University because of the opportunities which are available such as the Engineering Leadership Program, Study Abroad as well as the on-campus clubs and activities. He believes his Engineering degree has played a significant role in his successes to date. The skills which he has learned through the degree and the associated extra-curricular programs are applicable across a range of industries.

Abhishek is currently a Business Analyst at Right Lane Consulting. His role involves supporting senior consultants on projects. He is also responsible for managing projects, as well as leading work-streams. Working in a boutique consulting firm has provided Abhishek with the opportunity to engage directly with the clients across a range of sectors, from large corporations to small non-profit organisations.

In Abhishek’s short consulting career, he has worked on over twenty different projects spanning a variety of industries. He has had the opportunity to work alongside and engage with senior management from leading Australian organisations.

The most influential people in Abhishek’s career have been his parents who have supported him through every decision, and his mentors who have provided him with the guidance to make decisions.

Abhishek believes that his life goal is to use his skills to positively influence the lives of other people around him. He believes that his Engineering career has definitely equipped him with those skills. Abhishek said that Engineering provides students with crucial skills that are applicable across a variety of industries. In addition, Engineering helps develop a students’ ability to critically analyse and solve problems. Abhishek’s advice to students would be “to make the most of the opportunities available to them, and to truly understand what their goals in life are, and actively work towards them.”