Fotios Spiridonos

A career comes full circle

Long after studying here, Fotios Spiridonos (BCivEng 1981, MEngSc 1992) has found his way home to Monash. As Manager of Campus Access and Transport, he dedicates himself to improving means of access to our campuses. Fotios is responsible for leading, managing and implementing the transport planning for the University, including its transport infrastructure and programs, with a vision that supports the University’s goals for transport sustainability.

“I advocate for better campus transport and accessibility, as I monitor and assess existing transport to, from and within our campuses, as well as considering the implications for our campuses of future travel and access demands,” explains Fotios. “I also consult and collaborate with the University community, state and local government, as well as local communities and industry, to ensure their input into the development of campus access and transport plans, strategies and initiatives.”

Recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in his field, Fotios brings to Monash over 35 years of experience in leading high-achieving teams in transport planning and economics, transport demand modelling and forecasting and, transport data collection and analysis. He has worked across both the public and private sectors, as well as an independent consultant.

Most notably, for eleven years Fotios held the position of Director of Transport Modelling and Mapping at the Department of Transport Planning and Local Infrastructure in Melbourne. He has also provided transport advisory and peer review services, here and abroad. And he’s a Senior Fellow in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

When reflecting on significant developments in his field, Fotios points to the emergence of evidence-based decision making in the planning and development of transport infrastructure projects. “Collecting good, reliable, transport and travel activity data, has enabled us to develop state-of-the-art travel demand modelling frameworks and platforms,” he says. “This has in turn, facilitated the objective planning, analyses and appraisal of transport infrastructure projects in Victoria.”

To individuals embarking on a career, Fotios offers these words of wisdom: “Don’t be too averse to taking on a job that at first appears unrelated to your goals, or perhaps makes you feel out of your depth. Sometimes, the daunting task can lead to a great learning experience that will stand you in good stead in your career.” Sounds like he speaks from experience!