Anuja Rao

Anuja Rao

The tenacious Anuja emancipates corporate entrepreneurship

Ever since Anuja Rao (BE(ECSE) 1990) finished uni and her term as student representative on the Faculty of Engineering Board, she has ridden the wave of disruption. In telecommunications, information technology, media and now 3D printing. She has successfully managed to move across industries. Even infant ones. She clearly can pivot.

A few years ago, Anuja founded Select 3D, an engineering consultancy and 3D printing company, where she now serves as Managing Director. “I’m accountable to my shareholders,” explains Anuja. “I’m accountability for strategy, sales, client delivery, financial management and legal compliance. My role also involves external investment management – a relatively new experience for me.”

Previously, Anuja has held senior positions at Nokia, Siemens, Digital Equipment Corporation, Telstra and UXC Consulting. What lies behind her success? “Both my academic and professional experience have enhanced my understanding of business and technical issues, and my ability to find the pragmatic bridge between customer centric requirements and technology,” she says.

Anuja has also served as a Non-executive Director and Secretary at Early Childhood Management Services. “I wanted a chance to contribute to society, as well as to expand my capability as a professional company director,” she shares. “My experience there has sparked insights into nontraditional applications of engineering.”

The past Chair of the Victorian branch of Engineers Australia, Anuja worked to position smart city policy. Additionally, she became involved with the organisation’s Continuing Professional Development activities.

Reflecting on major developments in her lifetime, Anuja remarks, “The commercialisation of the internet, and its packaging with mobile phone and other portable devices, stand out. But we need to find some balance in the technology and human ecosystem.” No surprise she then adds, "How automated and precise 3D printing is getting! Will this one day displace human body parts?”

When she’s not eyeing the next disruption, Anuja likes to mix things up with her wide range of passions. Ballroom dance. Skiing. Racquet sports. And the stock market! Even at play, she pivots.