Chuanfa (Jason) Wei

Chuanfa Wei

Jason recently completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and feels that the degree has prepared him for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Having worked for eight years in the mechanical field of engineering before joining the Faculty of Engineering at Monash University, Jason felt that Monash was the right choice for him as it is “renowned worldwide for the quality of its teaching and research”. Jason based his choice of university on the excellent support which Monash provides to its students and chose mechanical engineering as he sees it being a creative profession and one which will enable him to help improve the world we live in.

Engineering also allows students to be exposed to a wide range of knowledge and information from people working in various fields. “Lecturers are from different areas and specialize in different fields, introductory sessions are also held by outside companies,” explains Jason.

Highlights of life as an undergraduate student for Jason include the ability to research. “The final year project equipped me with the ability to conduct research independently, extract information, think outside the box, write proposals, plan research, computer stimulation and analysis”. Having the opportunity to take an elective from a different faculty also enabled Jason to improve communication skills, public speaking and interpersonal skills. He highly recommends ENG 4616 Schools Technology Project.

Outside of university life Jason worked in a supermarket and volunteered at Canstruction Melbourne 2010. He was also offered a Summer Research Scholarship to research ‘nano- composite material using indentation techniques’. He was able to use the results of his findings as information in his final year project.

Jason encourages new students to “form a small study group, to help and encourage each other and to always ask tutors if you don’t understand.”

Upon graduating, Jason hopes to find work in a fluid- control field with oil / gas or subsea engineering.