Dr. Bin Su

Dr. Bin Su

Adjunct Research Fellow
Department of Chemical Engineering
Room Desk 19, Room 204, 82 [New Horizons Building], Clayton Campus

Dr. Bin Su is currently the Research Fellow of Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) Funding in Monash University (Australia). He received his B.Sc. degree in polymer science (2005), and Ph.D. degree in materials science (2009) from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China). He then worked as a postdoctoral fellow (2010-2011), an assistant professor (2011-2012) and an associate professor (2012-2014) in Prof. Lei Jiangs group at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academic of Sciences (ICCAS). His current scientific interest is focused on liquid infused stretchable/pressure sensors and related electronics. He published 28 papers (including 7 front/back/frontispiece covers) in international peer-reviewed journals as the first/corresponding author and 20 papers as a participation author. Relative researches are primarily published in prestigious journals, such as Nat. Commun., JACS, Adv. Mater., ACS Nano, Adv. Func. Mater., Small, Chem. Mater., Soft Matter, Langmuir, Nano. Res and J. Mater. Chem. A, and highlighted by Nature China, Chemistry World, Materials Views and other websites or magazines. Furthermore, owing to systematic contribution to the field of nanowire alignment, he has been invited to contribute one critical review article to Chem. Soc. Rev. In addition, he has been invited to be an individual reviewer for several journals, including Adv. Mater., Adv.Mater.Inter., Adv.Eng.Mater., Small, Lab. Chip., J. Mater. Chem., Soft Matter, Macromol. Rapid. Commun., Colloids. Surfaces. B., RSC. Adv.


Materials Chemistry, adhesive liquid bridge, superhydrophobic, wettability, stretchable conductor

Research Interests

Dr Bin’s research interest includes the following areas,

  • Liquid infused fabric based stretchable/pressure/wearable sensors
  • Liquid bridge induced strategy for aligning nanowires or one-dimentional assembly of nanoparticles
  • The fabrication and applications of superhydrophobic/superoleophobic/superhydrophilic materials

Research Projects

Past projects

Fabrication of Free-Standing Plasmonic Nanopeapods for Nanophotonic Applications

Nanoparticle (NP) plasmonics is an emerging field in nanoscience and nanotechnology, which exploits the unique optical properties of metallic nanostructures to route and manipulate light without diffraction limit. However, it remains challenging to construct structurally well-defined structures with high throughput at large scale. This project aims to develop inexpensive strategy to fabricate free-standing 1D ordered assemblies of plasmonic nanoparticles (plasmonic nanopeapods) for their applications in future nanophotonic circuits and next generation computing technology. This will generate new knowledge and patentable technologies.

Research articles, papers & publications

See Bin’s research contributions through published book chapters, articles, journal papers and in the media.

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