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Experience 3 days of Engineering Workshops these school holidays




Dive into the wonderful world of engineering with 7 exciting workshops run by our experts across a range of engineering disciplines.

  • Civil Engineering

    Design, build and test small-scale bridges. See if you have the strongest and lightest design.

    Here you will design, build, and test small-scale bridges made from spaghetti. Based on photographs of previous bridges built to the same requirements a design concept will be selected and built as a team.

    Once completed, the bridges will be load tested to failure. The bridge with the highest strength-to-weight ratio wins!

  • Chemical Engineering

    Come and explore the physical and chemical wonders

    Do you know that the phenomenon which makes clouds in the sky also helps cool your home using air conditioners; or that the gas responsible for global warming is a key ingredient in your fizzy cold drinks?

    Come and explore the physical and chemical wonders which power the chemical industries that make everything from hair gel to shoe polish, and the whole lot in between, such as the clothes you wear or the food you eat.

  • Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering

    Construct your very own electrical gadget to take home.

    Do you like gadgets? In the electrical and computer systems engineering department, we love them! Fancy building your own? Well you’ve come to the right place!

    Come and learn about what electrical engineers do while you construct an electrical gadget to take home and call your own!

  • Materials Science & Engineering

    Learn how new materials will change our world.

    Have you ever wondered how modern aeroplanes can fly when they are made of plastic?

    How about, can we climb up a wall like Spiderman? Or can we make a guitar just to fit you? Also find out what we can use to repair your body if it is damaged.

    In this workshop you will learn how new materials (metals, polymers and ceramics, and their composites) are being developed and how they will change our world.

  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

    Motorsports, Unmanned Aerial Systems and Bipedal Robot demonstrations and more.

    Learn how engineers harness the power of fire!

    See a methanol powered pulsejet, take a look at how we use lasers to study everything from clouds to flames and get friends with a collaborative robot. Then try your hand at making a glider, driving a Formula-SAE race simulator, commanding a walking robot and take part in a pit stop challenge!

  • Resources Engineering and Environmental Engineering

    How do we meet the growing demand for energy and resources in the future?

    Learn what resources you will consume in your lifetime. Learn how renewable energy can make an impact in our future. Generate wind energy in an experiment, measure efficiency and try to find the best design.

    Engineers play a key role in shaping the world around. Find out how engineers are using environmental and sustainable design principles to improve our living standards. Energy efficiency improvements are hiding everywhere in plain sight, so learn how to spot the difference and make better choices. You can reduce your household’s energy consumption and associated carbon footprint.

  • Game Design

    Creativity and AI

    Can AI make you more creative? In this workshop with researchers from SensiLab, we explore how the latest advancements in AI can be used to inspire you and enhance your artistic skills.

    Using visual similarity search – where AI searches for images that have similar colours, features and/or textures - can reveal surprises and help you learn more about your interests and style. This can spark ideas and provide inspiration for your own designs and artwork.

    In this workshop, you will get a chance to learn more about how and why these AI systems are used as well getting hands on and respond to a design brief, using an AI powered app to help you get creative.

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Year 8 ChallENGe

Monday 1 July - Wednesday 3 July 2019
9:00am - 3:30pm
Faculty of Engineering, Monash University Clayton Campus

$300 per student for 3 days

Registrations close: Wednesday 26 June, 2019