Dr. Christian Urich

Dr. Christian Urich

Adjunct Lecturer
Department of Civil Engineering

Christian is a Lecturer with Monash University’s Department of Civil Engineering, and part of the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, working in close collaboration with economists, urban designers and social scientists. He is leading interdisciplinary work to develop decision support and benchmarking tools that integrate the biophysical, social and economic dimensions of a city’s integrated urban water system to inform adaptive policy planning.


  • Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences , University of Innsbruck
  • Diplom-Ingenieur (MSE), University of Innsbruck


Decision support tools for integrated urban management

Development of the next generation decision support models for integrated urban management that are capable of considering the urban form and water infrastructure as an integrated system, as well as understanding the influence of the socio-economic dynamics in how these systems evolves

Deep uncertainties

Development of methods and tools to support decision making under deep uncertainties such as climate change and urban development.

Complex infrastrucutre systems

Understanding of urban water infrastructure systems as complex evolving systems

Research Projects

Current projects

Wellcome Trust funded Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) program - Flood Modelling

Assessment of the effectives of water sensitive urban design to mitigate flood risk in informal settlements

CRC Water Sensitive Cities TAP: Tools and Products Subprogram

The aim of the Tools and Products (TAPs) subprogram is to enable industry adoption and utilisation of key intellectual property (IP) outputs from the CRCWSC research program to support mainstreaming of water sensitive technologies and practices. Building on the research outputs and tools developed in the CRCWSC Tranche 1, the TAP subprogram maintains, refines and harmonises the portfolio, and integrates research and outputs emerging from Tranche 2 activities.

CONQUAD: Consequences of adaptation: Assessing multi-benefits and challenges in the transfer to more resilient and sustainable urban water

The aim of this project is to assess the multi-benefits and challenges in the transfer to more resilient and sustainable urban water systems.

AIC Strategic Research Project: Developing leapfrogging pathways towards water sensitive cities

This strategic research project aims to develop socio-technical pathways for leapfrogging Australian and Indonesian cities towards water sensitivity through interdisciplinary research. Responsible for the delivery of the overall project, leading Sub-Project 3 Modelling Socio-Technical Pathways.

Past projects

Visualising Future Resilient Cities

This project takes an interdisciplinary approach to develop a next-generation decision-support platform and accompanying stakeholder engagement processes that enable interactive exploration of virtual city environments under many different future scenarios.

CRC Water Sensitive Cities D6.2: Socio-technical modelling tools

Water Sensitive Cities Index for benchmarking the resilience, sustainability, liveability and productivity of a city’s urban water system. Responsible for the delivery of the civil engineering contribution to the project in the form of an online tool to assess the water sensitivity of Australian cities, involving leadership of a team of 3 research assistants and contribution to the overall framework development.

Framework for an integrated decision support tool for energy, water, and transport in a smart city

Explores the potential of an urban modelling platform across Monash University, with the aim of developing a future ARC Discovery grant application.

Journal Publications

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Book Chapters

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