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As a valued industry partner you have the opportunity to support students through a paid Co-op term of three, six or in some cases, 12 months. You can play a part in providing our students with up to date, relevant industry experience, whilst meeting a short-term business need or supporting your longer-term goals to attract new talent through the Co-op program talent pipeline. Access students from ten engineering specialisations.

Ashlee Evans

It was an absolute pleasure to host Kang and as a Monash student, his contribution, as I expected, was outstanding. As a Monash graduate myself, I look forward to luring many more students across the border to SA where there are some amazing things happening in energy. We applaud your Co-op initiative and are right behind you in building better engineers to send out into the world!

Mark Brownley
Engineering Alumnus Monash University
General Manager Field Services, South Australia Power Network

What is the Co-operative Education Program?

The Faculty of Engineering will engage with your organisation to create a meaningful engineering related collaboration in the form of a paid Co-op term. Students who opt-in to the program will attend a robust employability skills program to ensure they are significantly prepared to work with your organisation. Co-op students will complete at least two paid Co-op terms. Multiple Co-op experiences help students to build their exposure to a range of industries; seeing different systems, work styles, technical problems, processes, and making them highly versatile future employees. A three-way partnership between the student, the university and the employer means we will work with you to achieve your organisational goals and ensure you can select from a number of likeminded suitable students.

Co-op students will attend a customised employability skills program to ensure they are prepared for their first internship. This program includes training in resume writing, LinkedIn, interview skills, networking, problem-solving and leadership. Industry partners are invited to participate in modules and workshops such as mock interviews.

How do the Co-op terms work?

The Co-op program will:

  • Be offered to students entering their third or fourth year, often penultimate year of an Engineering single or double degree;
  • Provide a direct platform for employers to advertise roles specifically to eligible Co-op students who have completed the employability skills program;
  • Allow you to select from interns (short-listed if required) based on application and performance at interview.

Benefits to the Employer

Co-op will provide you with premium access to Monash University’s engineering talent and an opportunity to evaluate students over an extended period, helping to determine if they will be a good fit for your organisation whilst building relationships with students and Monash University. As the employer, you will have ownership over the selection process for Co-op students, and you will benefit from having interns making a difference to your organisation.

Co-op gives you the opportunity to act as co-educator whilst supporting, guiding and leading students through the Co-op term and gaining valuable professional development, culture sharing and personal growth from participating in the experience.

Your organisation will have the opportunity to:

  • Select from cohort of bright, well-prepared students;
  • Use Co-op as an effective recruitment tool for longer term prospects;
  • Manage fluctuating business needs via a flexible and cost effective method;
  • Be provided with pipeline of top talent and mature, experienced, motivated and job-ready graduates;
  • Partner with Monash Engineering.

Commitment from Employers

As an employer participating in the facilitated Co-op program your expected commitment to support our students means your organisation will:

  • Provide students with an embedded and engaged experience;
  • Clarify the role and reporting structures;
  • Provide students with productive, meaningful work and a suitably qualified supervisor;
  • Provide payment at a comparable graduate recruitment salary for time worked as an employee;
  • Participate in an agreed site visit from Monash University staff at your organisation and assist in monitoring the students’ progress;
  • Ensure the appropriate level of insurance cover and necessary Occupational Health and Safety training is provided to students
  • Complete the required student performance evaluation. This will be provided by the University.

Support from Monash University

The Faculty of Engineering will offer support to you and your staff from the early stages of formulating a suitable position through to the end of the student’s Co-op term. We will:

  • Promote your organisation’s internships to our students;
  • Assist students with their applications, including providing access to resources to assist with CV preparation and workshops on interview techniques;
  • If required, process students’ applications and shortlist our best applicants based on your selection criteria;
  • Ensure all students complete a occupational health and safety and professional conduct induction prior to their internship;
  • Assign a University staff member to each student to maximise the co-op term success;
  • Monitor students’ progress during the internship including a site visit where possible;
  • Be responsive to your feedback and to any request for support;
  • Enable you to connect with the University and our students for future collaborative activity;
  • Ensure students are adequately prepared for their Co-op term by way of an employability program pathway.

Benefits to the students

The Co-op program promotes continuous learning by integrating meaningful work-based projects and an enriched experience. Students can explore different potential careers, understand what it is to be a working engineer, and apply themselves to their studies in a more mature and practical way. Students develop relevant skills and experience, are “job-ready” and achieve graduate outcomes that holds then in good stead when applying for graduate programs. Studies show Co-op students find employment sooner post-graduation, have higher salaries, and are more likely to find a job relevant to their specific degree.

Site visits

Staff from Monash University will visit students in the work place on one occasion during a Co-op term. Visits are used to monitor the students’ progress, discuss the tasks allocated, and communicate with the industry supervisors. Co-ordinated, pre-planned site visits are an opportunity for industry supervisors to provide valuable feedback to the university staff regarding the student’s performance.

The process

Step 1 Opportunity — Develop — Recruitment

  • Identify an opportunity for an intern within your organisation
  • Develop a brief position description (template provided)
  • Receive applications, arrange interviews with students and select

Step 2 On-boarding — Commencement — Induction

  • On-boarding details to student prior to Co-op term commencement to finalise the finer details
  • Co-op commences for agreed 3 month or 6 month term
  • Organisation induction

Step 3 Educate — Engage — Review

  • Include, share, educate and embed the student(s) in to your organisation
  • Engage with the University staff through an on-site visit
  • Internship ends, review and provide your feedback to the University

Step 4 Re-engage

  • Re-engage with the university for another Co-op student

Maximising the Co-op programs success

Organisations are encouraged to contact the University Supervisor as soon as practicably possible where concerns exist regarding any issues that potentially prevent the success of the Co-op term. The University Supervisor will work with the organisation to address the specific issue(s) of concern, clarify expected standards of work performance and/or behaviour, strategies to improve the situation and, if appropriate, a stated and reasonable period of time (trial period) for the student and organisation to trial these improvement strategies. The University Supervisor is available to support the organisation to achieve a successful Co-op term.

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