Our technology

Developing brain prostheses that can accurately monitor a patient’s cortical state, diagnose clinical problems and provide feedback to deliver tailored electrical stimulation to restore brain function, has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of neurological diseases and brain injury.

The Cortical Frontiers project focuses on ground-breaking technology that can interface computers to the brain for applications including bionic vision and restoration of movement to limbs paralysed by spinal cord injury.

This technology, developed by Monash Vision Group, comprises wireless electronic implants that sit on the surface of the brain, creating long-term brain-machine interfaces. In bionic vision, these implants provide electrical stimulation, replacing the signals lost when injury or disease affects the eyes or optic nerves.

Further applications that may also be possible with this technology include the moderation of epilepsy and depression, spinal cord injury, brain-controlled prosthetics, and the restoration of vital senses beyond vision.

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