Calculators in exams

New approved scientific calculator process from 2020

From semester 1 2020, we will only allow two approved calculator models for use in engineering examinations. New students are required to have one of the following scientific calculators:

  • Casio FX-82AU (any version) OR
  • Texas Instruments 30XB or 30XS (XB is the battery powered version, XS is solar powered).

The Examinations unit will check your calculator during an engineering exam so make sure that the make and model are clearly visible. You do not need an approved calculator sticker for either of the above calculators. The penalty for use/presence of an unauthorised calculator is a result of zero for any exam question which could have reasonably required the use of a calculator as it will be deemed that the calculator was unauthorised.

Process for students who commenced Engineering before 2020

The faculty will not be issuing approved calculator stickers after the semester 2 2019 deferred exam period in January/February 2020. Existing stickered calculators will be honoured through to the end of 2024. You will not need to buy one of the calculators listed above if you have a pre-2020 engineering approved calculator with a 'Faculty of Engineering', 'Faculty of Science' or a 'Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Science' sticker.