Calculators in exams

The faculty has a policy detailing which calculators may be used in an engineering unit final exam.

If you are permitted to use a specific calculator (usually a scientific calculator) in an engineering unit final exam, a link to the approved calculator list will be in the unit guide. A sticker system will be used to identify approved calculators. Only those calculators with a 'Faculty of Engineering', 'Faculty of Science' or a combined 'Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Science' sticker can be used in an engineering unit final exam.

In rare instances, you may be able to use any calculator in a unit final exam. If that is the case, the unit guide will indicate that: ‘Any make and model of calculator is permitted to be used in this exam’.

Approved calculators

The list of calculators are approved for use in engineering exam (PDF, 0.49 MB)

How to obtain a sticker

On-campus students

Please present your calculator prior to the commencement of the examination period at:

Campus Venue Location
Clayton Engineering Faculty Office Ground floor, 14 Alliance Lane
Malaysia School of Engineering Office Room 5-4-03, Level 4, Building 5

Off-campus (distance education and online) students

Please scan your calculator (with the model and series clearly showing) and email it to The faculty will check the calculator, attach a sticker to the scan, rescan the page and email this back to you. You must bring this with you to the exam.

New model calculators not on approved list:

If you have a new model of calculator that is not recorded on the approved calculator list, is not programmable and does not contain text storage, symbolic equation, graphing or wireless capabilities you may have your calculator assessed for approval. You will need to take your calculator, together with a copy of the operation manual to the Engineering Student Services desk where staff will check the functions of the calculator and advise the Manager, Academic and Student Services if the calculator can be included on the approved calculator list. You may need to leave your calculator and/or operation manual at the Faculty Office for evaluation, to be collected at a later time.

Please note: Calculators should be presented prior to the commencement of swot-vac to ensure enough time is available to assess your calculator and/or enable you to source an alternative calculator in the instance of non-approval.