Viewing of examination scripts

The University has a formal process governing the assessment of coursework students and feedback on that assessment. This is managed within the framework of the University's Statute 6.1.5 Assessment and the regulations, policy and procedures made pursuant to the statute:

Principles of viewing an exam script

The primary objective of allowing students to view their exam script is:

‘to provide academic feedback to the student on their exam performance, enabling them to understand where they went wrong and to thereby improve their future learning.’

  • All fail grade examinations have already been second marked in accordance with University and faculty procedures.
  • Viewing of exam scripts is permitted under academic supervision in the first two weeks of the following semester at a time specified by the department.
  • Viewing of deferred or supplementary exam scripts will be scheduled at a time specified by the department or school:
    • Semester one units — the two weeks immediately following the release of semester one deferred/supplementary results.
  • Semester two units — the first two weeks of the following semester.
  • A maximum of ten minutes will be allocated to view an exam script.
  • Academic staff will not enter into negotiation over final exam marks.
  • With the exception of distance education units, copies of exam scripts will not be provided to students.
  • Exam scripts are normally destroyed six months after the release of results for the unit.

Apply to view your exam script

Arrangements for exam viewing vary by department and school. Links to specific details are provided below.  Sunway students should contact their School office directly.

Chemical Engineering
  • CHEXXXX units except:
    • CHE2161 (Mech & Aero Engineering)
  • MAE2402
  • MEC2405
Civil Engineering (PDF, 0.1 MB)
  • ENG1001
  • CIVXXXX units
  • ENVXXXX units taught by the department
Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
  • ENG1002
  • ECEXXXX units except:
    • ECE3093 (Mathematics)
  • TRCXXXX units taught by the department
Materials Engineering
  • ENE2503
  • MAE2400
  • MTEXXXX units
Mathematics - Faculty of Science
  • ECE3093
  • ENG1090
  • ENG1005
  • ENG2005
  • MTHXXXX units
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • CHE2161
  • CHE2164
  • ENG1060
  • MAEXXXX units except:
    • MAE2400 (Materials Engineering)
    • MAE2402 (Chemical Engineering)
  • MECXXXX units except:
    • MEC2405 (Chemical Engineering semester one only)
  • TRCXXXX units taught by the department
Faculty of Information Technology
  • ENG1003

Application and viewing deadlines

Applications to view exam script opensCheck with the relevant department/school
Applications to view exam script closesCheck with the relevant department/school
Viewing of exam scriptsA ten minute timeframe scheduled by the department during the first two weeks of the following semester