Final Assessment and Exam performance and feedback

Reflecting on your final assessment or exam performance can make a big difference to how you approach future assessment. The process of self‐assessment can enable you to evaluate your work and to identify areas where you need to improve. Feedback on your performance in exams is provided in stages:

  • Stage 1
    Unit Summary Feedback – general exam/final assessment feedback, available on your Moodle site once official results are release.
  • Stage 2
    Exam/final assessment feedback – you may apply to view your exam/final assessment
  • Stage 3
    If - after completing the first two stages (viewed the unit summary feedback and viewed your exam/final assessment feedback) - you still require more information about your performance you may submit a written request for further feedback from your Chief Examiner. The written request must outline:
    • what feedback has been received thus far and why it is considered inadequate to support your learning
    • the steps you have taken to obtain additional feedback; and/or
    • any exceptional circumstances that have prevented you from accessing all available feedback.

It is important to note that where your request is assessed as non-specific or lacking in substance, the Chief Examiner (or nominee) may refer you back to the Unit Summary Feedback - provided on Moodle following the release of results.

Semester 1, 2020 Stage 2 exam/final assessment feedback (Australian Campuses only)

We are unable to offer physical exam/final assessment viewing sessions however, you may wish to apply for the following opportunity to view your exam/final assessment performance.

The primary objective of receiving feedback on your final assessment is:

‘to provide academic feedback to the student on their exam performance, enabling them to understand where they went wrong and to thereby improve their future learning.’

This feedback will take place in a Zoom meeting, and may be individual or group based where similar feedback can be provided. For security reasons, you will not be able to view your individual script in this period. Instead you will be provided with verbal feedback on your performance, including any areas of strength and weakness, and you will be able to ask questions about your performance on the assessment.

Please note the following conditions of receiving feedback:

  • All fail grade examinations have already been verified in accordance with University and faculty procedures.
  • Academic staff will not enter into negotiation over final exam marks.
  • A request for feedback is independent from a request for re-marking. If after receiving feedback on your performance in the final assessment you believe a marking error has been made, the Faculty’s re-marking procedure must be followed.

Timing of feedback:

  • As a general rule a maximum of ten minutes will be allocated to receive feedback.
  • Feedback is provided under academic supervision in the first two weeks of the following semester at a time specified by the department.
  • Feedback on deferred or supplementary assessments will be scheduled at a time specified by the department:
  • Semester one units - the two weeks immediately following the release of semester one deferred/supplementary results.
  • Semester two units - the first two weeks of the following semester.
  • Exam scripts are normally destroyed six months after the release of results for the unit.

Apply to view your S1, 2020 deferred exam

Applications for deferred exam feedback open 12 Noon (AEST) on 2 September 2020 and close 5pm (AEST) on 9 September 2020.

NOTE: If you are requesting a feedback session for more than one unit, you will need to make multiple submissions of this form.

For ENG1003, please contact

For Science units (ENG1090, ENG1005, ENG2005), please visit Procedures for viewing of assessment work held by the Faculty of Science.

Due to social distancing requirements Semester 2, 2019 exam script viewing (Australian Campuses only) remains postponed.

We will advise students - who have already applied for exam viewing - of the new exam viewing dates and locations, via their Monash email once the new schedule is available.

Any queries please contact us via Monash Connect.

Looking for more feedback?

After completing Stages 1 and 2 - outlined above - you may request for further individual feedback by emailing your Chief Examiner.

Your request must include an explanation of the reason you are seeking further feedback - such as a chance to understand how you could have expanded a response.

Applications for individual feedback open 10 September 2020 and close 10 working days later – 23 September 2020.