Commerce units

In first year, you will be required to take one Commerce unit per semester worth 6 credit points each (total 12 cps).

Degree requirements

The following is a list of commerce core and elective units for first year students, in order to obtain the commerce degree students must complete six core units (36 cps), two elective units, a major specialisation - eight units (48 cps) in a discipline or field of study of the faculty with at least 12 cps at each of second and third year level. You can only undertake a maximum of eight Level 1 commerce units and you must complete at least four Level 3 commerce units in your degree. For further details please refer to the handbook.

Core units

Core UnitsSemester OfferingComments
AFC1021 OR
1 & 2
Accounting principles.
Do not take both these units
AFC1021 is for students who have studied VCE 3/4 accounting
AFC1022 is for students who have not studied accounting
BTC11101 & 2Business Law
ECC10001 & 2Principles of microeconomics
ETC10001 & 2Business and economic statistics
MGC10101 & 2Managing people and organisations
MKC12001 & 2Principles of marketing

Elective unts

Elective UnitsSemester OfferingComments
AFC2100 OR
1 & 2
1 & 2
Introduction to finance
Introductory finance accounting
ECC11001 & 2Principles of macroeconomics
ETC10101 & 2Data modelling and computing
MGC10201 & 2Organisations: contexts and strategies

Suggested first year units for majors

If you know which major you would like to specialise in, then the following pairs of units are suggested for first year commerce electives.

MajorSemester 1 unitSemester 2 unit
AccountingAFC1021 OR AFC1022AFC1030
FinanceAFC1021 OR AFC1022AFC2100
Business Law and TaxationBTC1110BTC2130 or BTC2210