How to defer your VTAC offer

If you wish to defer your offer (ie you do not wish to study in this year but would like to take up your offer for next year) you can apply online using WES or complete and submit the Deferment Application Form included in your Enrolment Pack. Please note the following important points.

  • If deferring, you should specify a deferment period of 12 months. Engineering does not usually grant deferral periods of 6 months as commencing mid-year can severely affect your course progression.
  • You should not undertake study elsewhere in Australia during the period of deferment. If this is your intention you should contact the Faculty of Engineering on 9905 3411 to discuss your application.
  • You must ensure that we receive your application before the end of your Enrolment Day.
  • You should not enrol in units if you wish to defer.

If you have problems deferring online, please complete and submit the deferment application form. You can submit the form via mail or deliver it in person. If you are sending the form by mail, please also fax a copy to 9905 3409 in case we do not receive your application in the mail before Enrolment Day.

Applying online

  1. Create a Monash computer account
  2. Login to WES using your username and password.
  3. Click on enrolment
  4. Click on postal address and check your address details are correct. Please ensure that you keep Monash University up-to-date with your contact details. Do not complete any other sections in the Enrolments page.
  5. Click on WES home
  6. Click on application forms
  7. Click on apply for course deferment
  8. Click on apply to defer from your Course