November units

The Faculty is offering a number of units in a new November teaching period. The November period will be a full 12-week teaching period starting on 2 November 2020. These units will be available to continuing students under the following conditions:

  1. You must have satisfied the prerequisites for November units by the time teaching starts - so you can’t be enrolled in a prerequisite unit in semester 2 since results for semester 2 won’t be available until 17 December.
  2. The semester 2 exam period will overlap with the November teaching period. Therefore, you cannot enrol in more than 4 units (24 points) across both semester 2 and the November teaching period unless you meet the eligibility requirements to overload. For example, if you are enrolled in 3 units in semester 2, you will be able to enrol in 1 unit in November, and if you are enrolled in 2 units in semester 2, you will be able to enrol in 2 units in November. If you are enrolled in 4 units in semester 2 and wish to take a November unit, you can apply to overload if you meet the eligibility requirements, i.e. 60% WAM and have completed at least 48cps in one calendar year.

Engineering is offering the following units in the November semester:


ENG1001 Engineering Design: Lighter, Faster, Stronger*

ENG1060 Computing for Engineers*

ENG1090 Foundation Mathematics (offered by the Faculty of Science)

ENG1005 Engineering Mathematics (offered by the Faculty of Science)

ENG1051 Materials for Energy and Sustainability

CHE1010 Grand Challenges in Chemical Engineering

RSE2010 Fixed Plant Engineering and Project Management

ENG2005 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (offered by the Faculty of Science)

CIV2242 Geomechanics 1

CHE2164 Thermodynamics

CHE2161 Mechanics of Fluids

MEC2405 Thermodynamics

MEC2404 Fluid Mechanics

*Note: ENG1060 and ENG1001 will be co-taught with the School of Engineering in Malaysia and will run to the Malaysia teaching period (OCT-MY-01). Clayton students will be enrolled in the NOV-12 offering but will follow the Malaysia timetable which has a one week mid-semester break instead of two, and concludes one week prior to the NOV-12 period.