Unsatisfactory academic progress

The university has a formal process for managing the academic progress of coursework students. These issues are managed within the framework of the University's Statute 6.2 Unsatisfactory academic progress and inability to progress and the policy and procedures made pursuant to that policy:

Important information on the forms, documentation and processes for unsatisfactory academic progress can be found here.

Mid-year unsatisfactory academic performance process

The mid-year academic progress intervention strategy is designed specifically for students who commenced their studies with the Faculty of Engineering in semester two of the preceding year and who have failed 50% or more of their enrolment (over two semesters) by the end of semester one of the current year.

All eligible students are required to attend an Intervention Meeting with a panel that comprises the Associate Dean Teaching, the faculty Course Adviser and two members of the Engineering Education Committee. Students must attend the meeting, and must bring with them a written explanation for their poor academic performance using the Intervention Meeting Response Form. The meeting is not an Academic Progress Committee hearing and the student cannot be excluded. The meeting is designed to assist the student in identifying and overcoming inhibitors to academic success.

An Academic Progress Plan is agreed upon at the meeting. The student must submit the completed and signed form to the Faculty Office by the last day of semester two of the current year. The plan will be referred to should the student fail to meet academic progress requirements at the end of the year.

End of year unsatisfactory academic performance process

For undergraduate and graduate coursework students in the Faculty of Engineering, academic progress will be considered unsatisfactory if they have:

  1. completed at least two semesters of candidature and, in the period commencing in December of the previous year, failed 50% or more of the student's enrolment
  2. failed the same compulsory unit three times, or
  3. failed to comply with any terms or conditions imposed by the faculty board or by an academic progress committee of the faculty

Following the release of semester two results, students who meet the faculty's unsatisfactory academic progress criteria will be sent a notice of advice letter requesting that they explain in writing to the faculty why their performance in that year has been unsatisfactory. An email, alerting students to the importance of the forthcoming letter is also sent to the student's Monash email account.

Students must ensure that their postal address is up to date and that they respond to the notice of advice letter.

Academic Progress Committee (APC)

The Faculty's Academic Progress Committee considers written submissions and makes a decision on whether a student needs to appear before the Committee to discuss his/her academic progress. Students are notified in writing if they need to appear before the Committee.

At the hearing, the Academic Progress Committee can make one of the following decisions:

  • exclude you from the faculty
  • permit you to continue with your enrolment with conditions placed on your enrolment
  • permit you to continue with your enrolment without conditions placed on your enrolment.