Complaints and grievances

Monash University is committed to ensuring that all students have a positive relationship with the University and  its staff members.

See Student Grievances for information on how matters of concern can be resolved.

The Faculty of Engineering has a designated grievance  officer who is responsible for providing advice to students on grievance  matters and who is able to act as a facilitator as needed.

Student Services
Ground floor, 14 Alliance Lane (building 72)
Faculty of Engineering
Monash University
Clayton Vic 3800

Phone: +613 9905 1583
Fax: +613 9905 3409


Please note that a grievance can only  be actioned if you provide your full name, student ID and contact details.

For full details, refer to the University Complaints and Grievances of Coursework Students Procedures.

Student Rights Officers and the Monash  Postgraduate Association are available to provide independent  advocacy, assistance and advice  in  relation to a grievance.