Key engineering graduate research contacts

Research degrees administrative staff

Graduate Student Services Manager:
Vicky Nash (Acting)
Room: 102, 14 Alliance Lane
Ph: 9905 4635
Email: Vicky

Graduate Student Services Administrator
Daniel Rooke
Room 102, 14 Alliance Lane
Ph: 9905 6224

Research degrees academic staff

Associate Dean Graduate Research:
Prof. Emanuele Viterbo
Room: G09, 16 Alliance Lane
Ph: 9905 3473

Associate Dean, Research:
Prof. Christopher Hutchinson
Room: 249, 20 Research Way
Ph: 9905 5288 

Departmental research academic & administrative contacts

Chemical Engineering:

Graduate Coordinator:
Prof. Wei Shen
Room: 114, 59 Scenic Blvd
Ph: 9905 3447

Administrative Officer:
Lilyanne Price
Room: 226D, 16 Alliance Lane
Ph: 9905 1872

Civil Engineering:

Graduate Coordinator:
Prof. Hai Vu
Room: 100, 23 College Walk
Ph: 9905 9696

Administrative Officer:
Jenny Manson & Min Major
Room: 115, 23 College Walk
Ph: 9905 1956 & 9905 0118

Electrical & Computer Systems


Graduate Coordinator:
Dr Yi Hong
Room: 224, 14 Alliance Lane
Ph: 9905 3824

Administrative Officer:
Ros Rimington
Room: 125, 14 Alliance Lane
Ph: 9905 1898

Materials Engineering:

Graduate Coordinator:
Prof. Chris McNeill
Room: 107, 20 Research Way
Ph: 9902 4896

Administrative Officer:
Michelle Laing
Room: 138, 22 Alliance Lane
Ph: 9905 5697

Mechanical Engineering:

Graduate Coordinator:
A/Prof.  Greg Sheard
Room: 326, 20 Research Way
Ph: 9905 1182

Administrative Officer:
Bev Pearce
Room: G02, 17 College Walk
Ph: 9905 1971


Academic support for graduate research students

The Faculty of Engineering has two graduate research student academic support lecturers, Jane Moodie and Lilian Khaw, who assist all students to develop their research communication skills. Teaching is provided on aspects of communicating research in research proposals and research reports, in literature reviews, in conference and journal papers, and in seminar presentations and the thesis. Teaching is provided in classes and in individual tutorials. The class schedule is available at: Graduate Research Student Academic Support

Teaching is also provided in individual consultations when appropriate. For details contact:

Ms Jane Moodie
Research Student Academic Support Lecturer
Room 205, 14 Alliance Lane (Building 72)
Phone: 9905 5488

Dr Lilian Khaw
Graduate Research Student Academic Support Lecturer
Room 218, 14 Alliance Lane (Building 72)
Phone: 9905 9987

An online guide for all Monash research degree students is available online at:

Hargrave-Andrew library

Engineering library resources people:

Chemical Engineering,
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering:

Nhan Le
Ph: 9905 2645

Civil Engineering, 
Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering, 
Materials Science & Engineering:

Hilary Luxford
Ph: 9905 2650