Introductory Seminar Series

The introductory seminar series aims to help new graduate research students understand different genres of engineering research communication, fundamentals of research writing and language conventions, focusing on purpose, audience, clarity, unity and coherence.

Creating a Context for Research Communication: Telling a Research Story

How do you situate your research from a perspective that the target readers can easily relate to and understand? How do you establish a research niche  and present it logically? How do you present the gap(s) in the field and highlight the contributions of your work? This seminar presents a problem-solution based writing model to help engineering graduate research students structure and write the introduction of a research article or report. The writing model can also serve as a tool for novice researchers to plan a research story.

Writing a Literature Review

The literature review is a vital first step in any research project. In this seminar, we explore how to plan, structure, and then write a good review.

Writing the Confirmation Report

Confirmation is an important milestone in the PhD journey. In the process, the candidate submits a confirmation report and makes an oral presentation of his/her work to the Milestone Review Panel. The confirmation report should reflect a clearly defined research project which is coherent and feasible. This session will provide participants with key information to assist them in structuring and writing their confirmation report.