Life after PhD: Alumni Stories

Completing the PhD is a great achievement! It is a transition point which is filled with excitement but also uncertainties. What comes next after your PhD? Do you plan to pursue a career in academia, find a job in the industry or venture into a business? In this seminar series, we invite alumni to share their experiences in navigating their academic or non-academic career paths.

Engineer to Entrepreneur: A Venture Journey

Date: Tuesday 15 June
Time: 2 - 3pm
Location: Online/Zoom

It takes a mix of courage and insanity for an engineer to venture into a business, an uncharted territory, and take risks without a guarantee of success. In this session, Dr Dilpreet Buxi, the founder of Philia Labs, will share with us his start-up experience and what he has learnt from his journey to entrepreneurship.

Speaker: Dr Dilpreet Buxi
Dilpreet Buxi is a biomedical engineer with experience in commercially focused research and development on wearable devices in research and start-ups. Dilpreet worked on his PhD at Monash University under Assoc Prof Mehmet Yuce until Oct 2016, where they developed and patented a wearable blood presure monitor. This inspired Dilpreet to think about quantifying stress, which ultimately led to the founding of Philia Labs.