Faculty of Engineering Graduate Student Academic Support Program, 2017

Teaching FocusCourses, Seminars and WorkshopsTarget Participants

Understanding of different written and spoken Engineering research genres: purpose, audience, structure, argument and language conventions

Introductory Seminar Series: 6 x 1.5 hr seminars

  1. Conducting and writing a literature review
  2. Presenting your work in seminars
  3. Publishing your work in research papers
  4. Designing winning posters
  5. Devising effective slides for your presentations
  6. Writing the confirmation report and giving the confirmation presentation

All new graduate research students

Introduction to fundamental research writing and speaking skills

Short Courses and Workshops

  1. Developing Fundamental Research Writing Skills (6 x 2 hr classes): Structuring problem-solution and general-specific texts; improving cohesion and coherence.
  2. Grammar for editing your research writing (Intensive course: 5 x 1.5 hr workshops): singular and plural forms; verb tenses; active and passive verb forms; articles; logical connectors; writing clearly and logically.
  3. English pronunciation (1 x 2 hr workshop)
  4. Talking about research (Weekly workshop: 4 x 1.5 hr): Discussion class focusing on speaking about research; developing skills for presenting research in presentations

Particularly graduate research students with English as an additional language

Development of students’ own research writing through writing drafts, and giving and receiving feedback

Intensive Writing Courses (4 x 2 hr classes)

  1. Writing your literature review
  2. Writing your research paper
  3. Writing your Confirmation Report

All graduate research students

Advanced writing for the thesis

Thesis Writing Seminars: 5 x 1.5 hr seminars

Seminars onstructuring a traditional thesis or a thesis including publications; writing the different sections of a thesis; and how to edit the final draft.

Particularly for later and final year students