Research Communication Seminar Series

The seminar series will focus on various topics in relation to engineering research communication, such as document types, writing styles and publishing tips.

Crafting a Research Article for Top Journals

This seminar covers the key aspects of manuscript preparation and submission to highly selective journals. Drawing on his editorial experience, Dr. Adam ‎Brotchie will provide tips for optimising the different elements of a paper, allowing you to communicate the significance and novelty of your work ‎effectively to editors, reviewers and readers. He will also provide advice on writing effective cover letters and appeal letters, and identifying the most-suitable ‎journal for your work. This seminar should leave you with a clearer sense of what editors look for in top journals, and the knowledge and tools to enhance ‎your publication success.‎

Writing a Research Paper

What do you need to do to get a paper published? What do reviewers expect? We look at how to write successful conference and journal papers, with clear structure and convincing argument.

Developing an Effective Poster Presentation

Effective poster presentations at conferences are an essential element of communicating your research as a graduate student. But designing a visually exciting and informative poster is not as easy as it looks! In this workshop, we will examine key principles to good design, as well as skills to present effectively within a conference setting and answer questions.

Writing a Review Paper

A review article in a top journal is much more than a comprehensive literature summary; it is an authoritative, perspective-rich account of the field that initiates discussion and helps guide future research. This webinar will explain editors' expectations, and provide a strategy for writing an impactful and insightful review.

Engaging Your Audience: Develop Your Oral Research Communication Skills

Developing and delivering an oral presentation which is engaging and effective requires good strategies and practice. This workshop will guide participants through the process of planning, structuring and delivering an effective and engaging oral presentation to intended audiences.

Date: Thursday 22 July
Time: 2 - 3:30pm
Location: Online/Zoom

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