Research Communication Seminar Series

The seminar series will focus on various topics in relation to engineering research communication, such as copyright issues, literature search strategies, writing styles and publishing tips.

Seminar 1

Copyright Issues ‎in Engineering Research Writing

Date: Monday 11 May
Time: 2 - 3:30pm
Location: G29 & G30 - New Horizons

Every time you post something online, write code or research your chosen field, you are using and creating ‎copyright material. But do you understand your rights and responsibilities under copyright? Learn how ‎to avoid copyright pitfalls with this session, where we will look at the differences between creative ‎commons, GPL and MIT licences, discuss open access options, and answer any of your copyright ‎questions.

Seminar 2

Search Strategies for Engineering Research

Date: Monday 18 May
Time: 2 - 4pm
Location: G29 & G30 - New Horizons

When undertaking a research project, using Google Scholar isn't enough to ensure that you're staying up-to-date with developments in your research area. There are other databases you'll need to access. During Search Strategies for Engineering Research, you'll be introduced to specialised databases, and learn how to search their content strategically and effectively through hands-on experience. Participants will leave with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of various databases, and an appreciation of how to develop an effective search strategy to find and access a range of topic-specific research material.

Seminar 3

Crafting an Effective Research Article

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: G29 & G30 - New Horizons

This seminar covers the key aspects of manuscript preparation and submission to highly selective journals. Drawing on his editorial experience, Dr. Adam ‎Brotchie will provide tips for optimising the different elements of a paper, allowing you to communicate the significance and novelty of your work ‎effectively to editors, reviewers and readers. He will also advise on writing effective cover letters and appeal letters, and identifying the most-suitable ‎journal for your work. This seminar should leave you with a clearer sense of what editors look for in top journals, and the knowledge and tools to enhance ‎your publication success.‎

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Seminar 4

Designing a Winning Poster

Date: Monday 1 June
Time: 2 - 4pm
Location: G29 & G30 - New Horizons

In posters, we try to communicate our research findings in a visually attractive way. We examine some strategies for effective visual communication and learn how to devise winning posters.