Developing your English Grammar

Online grammar resources

  1. Excellent online resources for Essential Grammar and Academic Skills: Griffith University Help Yourself Resources,
  2. Excellent online resources for help with academic style, cohesion and coherence, and grammar: Academic Writing in English: available at


  • Caplan, N. (2012) Grammar Choices for Graduate and Professional Writers, University of Michigan Press (Matheson Library 808.0420711 C244G 2012)
  • Master, P. (1986) Science, Medicine and Technology: English Grammar and Technical Writing, Prentice Hall Regents (Out of print but available for loan from Jane Moodie)

Excellent sections on useful grammar for writing research papers in:

Glasman-Deal, H. (2010) Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English, Imperial College Press, London (Hargrave-Andrew Library 808.0665 G548S2010 and Monash University Library ebook)

Excellent book that explains tricky problems and rules of grammar and of vocabulary (for example: what is the difference between come and go; between each and every; and between fairly, quite, rather and pretty?): Swan, M. (2005) Practical English Usage, 3rd edition, Oxford University Press (Matheson Library 428 S972B 2005)