Writing a review paper

The first step in writing a good review paper is to read some advice from the experts about how to write such a paper. The next step is to analyse a good sample review paper and to examine in detail (1) the structure of the paper; and (2) the writing particularly in the Abstract, in the Introduction, in the beginning and end of sections, and in the Conclusions. Here are two writing guides and two well-written clear review papers for you to use.

Two excellent guides for writing a review

Two excellent sample review papers

Other useful tips on writing a literature review

Go to Quick tips for PhD students on James Heyton’s PhD Advice Website and search under ‘literature’. You will find helpful tips on many aspects of writing a review including: How to start your reading, How to read a journal article, How to write a PhD literature review, How to write a compelling review, How much literature is enough?, and An easy way to update your literature review quickly.