Postgraduate Publications Award - PPA

Research degree students are encouraged to share their research findings with the wider public through publishing in professional journals or books. The preparation and publication of papers arising from a student's findings is a crucial component of the student's doctoral research program.

At Monash, funding to high-achieving students for this important stage of their Monash Doctoral Program is available. The scheme is known as the Postgraduate Publications Award.


Recipients of the Postgraduate Publications Award (PPA) receive a living  allowance for up to 8 weeks. The PPA provides students with the opportunity  to write up some of their research for publication while they await the  result of their examination.


The following eligibility criteria apply:

  1. Only six applicants from each faculty may be nominated for the PPA each round.
  2. Nominees MUST have fulfilled the thesis submission requirements which state that the thesis must be submitted within the designated timeframe of the relevant round. (Refer to the key dates table below)

Low priority is given to applicants that propose editing of already drafted or submitted outputs. Awards will not be made to carry out new research.

Key dates

 Eligibility Criteria
Thesis submission period
Nomination form Nominee
Application closing date
PPA Awardees Announced
Round 1 1 January - 31 March Round 1 form 1 January 1 February
Round 2 1 April - 30 June Round 2 form 1 April 2 May
Round 3 1 July - 30 September Round 3 form 1 July 1 August
Round 4 1 October - 31 December Round 4 form 1 October 1 November

How to apply

Student applicants must review the award guidelines before completing the application form.

Applicants MUST submit the nomination form along with all supporting documentation to the relevant faculty research officer by the closing date as stipulated in the key dates above.

Faculty Nomination Process

Each faculty is required to review and rank all PPA student nominations. Each faculty contact will be provided with a faculty ranking sheet ahead of the closing date of each round. The faculty is responsible for notifying non ranked students that their application has not progressed to the next stage.


Daniel Rooke
Graduate Student Services Administrator
Room 102, 14 Alliance  Lane, Clayton Campus
9905 6224

General enquires can also be made to the Graduate Research Services, Examinations team via or Phone: 9905 4638.


Q: Which round should I apply for?

A: There are 4 selection rounds per year, it is important that you determine which round you will submit your thesis within, and apply within that round.

Students should discuss realist submission dates with their supervisor.

Q: Where do I submit my application?

A: Your completed application should be submitted electronically to your Faculty Research Office (see contacts table above) by the application closing due date.

Q: Why wasn't I selected for the PPA?

A: The Postgraduate Publications Award is extremely competitive. There are normally only 12 - 14 awards available each round. Students are ranked by their Faculties based on the eligibility criteria and recommended to the Selection Committee for final determination.

Q: Could you provide some feedback on why I wasn't successful?

A: The deliberations of the Selection Panel are confidential. In most cases however unsuccessful applicants did not provide enough detail of publications during the award; or the enrolment length was longer than those selected by the Committee.

Q: Can I re-apply in the next round?

A: If a successful awardee does not submit their thesis for examination within the specified period, they are seen to have failed to meet the eligibility criteria and should not re-apply.

Unsuccessful applicants normally missed out as they did not meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants should contact their Faculty Research Office to determine if they are willing to support a 2nd nomination.

Q: As an international student, can I move back overseas and retain my PPA?

A: No, the awardees must be physically present to accept the award and to attend the relevant academic work unit (department) on a daily basis and maintain regular communication with the nominated supervisor(s) during the tenure of the award.

Q: Can I commence my PPA next year?

A: No, if the thesis has already been submitted when the offer is received, the award should be taken up immediately.

Q: I'm currently on maternity leave. Can I commence after three months?

A: The Academic Director will make a decision on a case by case basis, so a written request should be made at the time of application or soon after the offer is made. As the PPA is only a 12 week award, it is expected that it be completed as soon as possible and within the year of award. The budgetary  provisions  are made on an annual basis so must be spent within the year. Unspent funds can’t be rolled over and could be subject to reduction if not fully expended.

Further Information

If you have any  queries please contact:

Graduate Student  Services Office
Faculty of  Engineering and
Faculty of Information Technology
Room 102, Level 1, 14 Alliance Lane
Clayton Campus

or visit

General enquires can also be made to the Graduate Research Services, Examinations team via or Phone: 9905 4638.