Welcome and Induction for Engineering Research Postgraduates

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering. Congratulations on being accepted for a research degree in a leading research faculty. The Faculty of Engineering has a thriving postgraduate community consisting of local and international students currently enrolled in its Masters by Research and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The Faculty offers supervision in a wide range of fields in engineering.

Postgraduate students play key roles in the intellectual life of the Faculty, representing the postgraduate community on department and Faculty committees, taking part in seminar series, organising conferences, tutoring, and demonstrating.

As a research student, you are entitled to a range of facilities and services including seminars, office space and advice, that are provided both by the faculty and by Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO).

Each department should also provide department-specific material on commencement.

Should you have a query on any matter please do not hesitate to contact your Department or the Graduate Student Services Office.

Engineering Doctoral program

Students enrolled in a PhD must complete the Engineering Doctoral Program. This program is made up of two components: Training and Coursework. You will be required to show proof of the completion or progress of the Engineering Doctoral Program at your Confirmation of Candidature.

Students enrolled in the Master of Engineering Science (Research) do not need to complete the coursework element and are only required to complete the training.


There are four compulsory training modules that should be completed within the first 3 months of your candidature.

These modules are:

The Monash Graduate Research Induction, Research Integrity and Faculty of Engineering Induction modules are all available online and can be tracked and accessed via myDevelopment.

To access myDevelopment, you can navigate to it in your my.Monash portal via the ‘Research’ tile or visit the following website address: https://www.intranet.monash/graduate-education/doctoral-program/mydevelopment.


The Handbooks for Doctoral and Research Master's Degrees contain all critical policies concerning candidature and supervision for doctoral and research master's degrees at Monash University.

Upon enrolment all candidates agree to be bound by the provisions in these Handbooks and in the statutes and regulations of Monash University.

For comprehensive and up-to-date information please refer to the above handbooks.

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