Welcome and Induction for Engineering Research Postgraduates

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering. Congratulations on being accepted for a research degree in a leading research faculty. The Faculty of Engineering has a thriving postgraduate community consisting of local and international students currently enrolled in its Masters by Research and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The Faculty offers supervision in a wide range of fields in engineering.

Postgraduate students play key roles in the intellectual life of the Faculty, representing the postgraduate community on department and Faculty committees, taking part in seminar series, organising conferences, tutoring, and demonstrating.

As a research student, you are entitled to a range of facilities and services including seminars, office space and advice, that are provided both by the faculty and by Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO).

Each department should also provide department-specific material on commencement.

Should you have a query on any matter please do not hesitate to contact your Department or the Graduate Student Services Office.

Training to be completed in your first 3 months of candidature:

1. Monash Graduate Research Induction (Online)

The Monash Graduate Research Induction (online) activity is designed to provide you with the information necessary to successfully navigate your way through the duration of your degree.

Topics covered include:

  • Roles and responsibilities - Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO) and your Academic Unit
  • Professional Development - Graduate Researcher Development, GRAMS and the Monash Doctoral Program

Core components of your enrolment, including:

  • The research project
  • The supervisory relationship
  • Program requirements
  • Progress management
  • Managing your enrolment
  • Governance of graduate research degrees and
  • Resources and support

Please copy and paste the following link once you have registered in GRAMS: http://moodle.vle.monash.edu/course/view.php?id=29142

and use the Enrolment Key: GRDONLINE101 to complete the online training.

All graduate research students must successfully complete this activity and submit evidence of completion at your Confirmation of Candidature Milestone.

For information on how to view a report of your completed training on GRAMS please see the instructions provided in this handout or the following document:

2. Research Integrity Training

All graduate research students must complete the online research integrity training.

The Research Integrity programme is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of responsible research practices in your area of study. This programme provides a common framework and content for learning and thinking about responsible professional behaviour in research.

Expected completion time for this entire module is between 1-4 hours approx. This depends on your level of engagement with the activities.

To access the training and for further information, please visit: www.monash.edu/staff-development/learning-activities/working-monash/research-integrity

3. Student Project Safety (Risk Management) Workshop

To register for a session please visit: https://my.monash.edu.au/news-and-events/bookings/febs/

This is an engineering discipline specific course that focuses on the potential hazards faced by engineering students conducting research. It is essential for students to complete prior to commencing their research projects, particularly lab based students.

Student Project Safety Risk Management Learning Outcomes:

  • Equipment and processes
  • Ergonomics and manual handling
  • Biological safety
  • Chemical safety
  • Field trips.

OHS personnel/contacts

OHS safety contact personnel (pdf, 171kb)
Emergency  wardens listing by building (pdf 129kb)

Further information, handouts and contacts can be viewed at Engineering Occupational Health & Safety

The Student Project Safety (Risk Management) Workshop is a compulsory event for all newly enrolled research students. Students who are not able to attend will need to contact their department to determine whether they are able to progress with their research.

Presentation/slides can be viewed at Engineering Occupational Health & Safety

Higher Degree by Research Student OHS Induction Portal

Monash University Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) welcomes you to Monash University. Our policy is to provide all students with a safe and healthy place to study. You are required to complete the following two mandatory inductions - the Online OHS induction and the Local Area OHS induction - to give you the information you need to know about the structure of OHS management at Monash University.

Online Induction

The Online OHS Induction program aims to give you an overview of occupational health and safety policy, procedures and practices at Monash University and an understanding of your safety responsibilities.

The OHS induction requires questions to be answered correctly throughout the program before continuing to the next section. You will only be recorded as having finished the OHS induction upon successful completion in its entirety.

Local Area Induction

After completing the Online OHS induction you will be required to complete a local area induction. This process completes the induction program by ensuring that you have the most accurate information specific to the building and work area/s that you will be conducting your research in. Your supervisor (or their delegate) is required to deliver this induction, more information is available at OHS Local Area Induction.

Please visit the OHS Induction Portal for further information and the online safety induction videos.

4. Engineering Research Student Induction Session

The Faculty of Engineering Research Student Induction Session is for newly enrolled Doctor of Philosophy PhD and Master of Engineering Science (Research) MEngSc(Res) students. The session is convened by the Associate Dean Graduate Research and includes important information including presentation from various support services on campus.

The next session is scheduled for:

February 2017 - details to be confirmed.


The Handbooks for Doctoral and Research Master's Degrees contain all critical policies concerning candidature and supervision for doctoral and research master's degrees at Monash University.

Upon enrolment all candidates agree to be bound by the provisions in these Handbooks and in the statutes and regulations of Monash University.

For comprehensive and up-to-date information please refer to the above handbooks.

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