Online learning

We found creative ways to connect and communicate while learning and teaching online in 2020. Watch how we did things a little differently, while still delivering quality Engineering education.

Here’s what our teachers have to say

Bill Corcora

Hear from Mechanical Engineering teaching associate Michael Crocco as he reflects on the benefits of online learning, the resilience and resourcefulness of our students and online collaboration in engineering practice.

Bill Corcoran

Hear from Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering lecturer Dr Bill Corcoran as he reflects on the commitment to quality education, the unexpected benefits of online learning and how staff adapted to support students.

Here's what our students have to say

Emily Qiao
Our transition to online learning was an interesting experience made enjoyable through the continuous support that the Engineering staff has given. Online learning gives me the flexibility to work at my own pace and critically think about my subjects, while provided with further resources and engagement from my online classes.

Emily Qiao Third year engineering & commerce student

Taha Samani
The online experience took a while to get used to; however, it has had some significant benefits. Overall, the fully online learning experience has been quite interesting and has made me more inclined to take online study options in the future for their flexibility.

Taha Samani
First year Engineering & Commerce student

Rebecca Muir
The shift to online learning was definitely a challenge - especially for those in their first year! However, the University adapted quickly and provided consistent means of attending virtual classes, meeting with other students, and getting assistance when needed. The Engineering Faculty has been very flexible, and has encouraged students to develop robust communication skills which will no doubt be useful in the workforce.

Rebecca Muir
Fourth year Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Science student

Shing Ye Leong
I am thankful for all the efforts made by all the staff. The preemptive changes in developing Zoom lectures and pracs, having more resources available online, and the tutors and lecturers putting in so much effort, were all really helpful.

Shing Ye Leong First year Civil Engineering student