Monash University Bookshop

Monash University Bookshop

Campus Centre
Ground Floor, 21 Chancellors Walk
Ph: 99053111

The Monash University Bookshop is a one stop shop for all your text book needs, however they have also have a wide variety of other products on offer. They also sell popular fiction and non-fiction books, stationary, gifts, and student apparel. If you're looking to get your Monash University hoodie, this is place to go!


Students are usually provided with details of textbooks in the first lecture during week one of classes. However, if you want to organise your texts earlier than this, textbook information may be provided within your my.Monash portal and/or your Moodle unit pages. You can also check with the University Bookshop for details of textbooks for your enrolled units.

  • Prescribed texts: books that are essential
  • Recommended texts: books that are useful to own but can be found in the library
  • Reference texts: books that are only consulted occasionally for reference and therefore not necessary to purchase

All text books can be found at the Monash University Bookshop, however you can also purchase second hand books online in your student portal through the Monash Marketplace.