Why participate? What's in it for you!

Potential benefits in being a mentor include:

  • Personal and career growth
  • Passing on knowledge
  • Satisfaction of helping a student reach his/her academic goals
  • Recognition for service to the community
  • Increased self-esteem, self- confidence and affirmation of professional competence

You can learn new skills, share information, encouragement, advice and experiences, and network with your peers and colleagues.

What's involved - what can you expect?

Prospective mentors must complete the online EMS Mentor form located on the home page.

You will then be matched with a small group of first year students (mentees) based on the information supplied e.g. course, suburb etc. This will be your mentor group. You will need to keep in regular contact with your mentees and attend any scheduled events throughout semester. These events will give you the opportunity to meet with your mentor group. However, you will also need to maintain regular contact (phone, email, in-person) on a fortnightly basis throughout semester 1.

The first event for the Engineering Mentor Scheme will be held in week 2 of semester. At this event you will get to know your mentor group and have some fun as well.

At the end of semester you will be provided with a thankyou letter and certificate of appreciation for your contribution.

The Engineering Mentor Scheme can provide you with the opportunity to participate in a worthwhile extra-curricular program that offers personal and career related benefits. All later year engineering students are welcome to apply.