International students

Studying engineering as an international student at Monash is a rewarding experience. However, as an international student, you may also experience a unique set of challenges that may impact upon how you live and study in Melbourne.

Here are some resources that will aid your transition into university life at Monash:

iUse Travel Pass

As of this year, you may be eligible for an International Undergraduate Student Education Pass (iUSE). Public Transport Victoria is offering international students the opportunity to purchase an annual travel pass for $750. That's half the price of the regular annual Myki pass, and will allow you to travel across the public transport network for a whole year! So if you're planning on taking the bus, tram or train to Monash every day, make sure you sign up for one of these!

For more information and to check if you are eligible, visit the iUSE website.

English Language Services

Studying Engineering in a language other than your own can be challenging; you may find yourself being able to understand the concepts being covered, yet unable to express yourself clearly in classes, assessment tasks or exams. If you find yourself struggling with English, Monash College offers a number of courses that can aid in improving your reading, writing and speaking skills.

Visit the English Language Services website to determine which English course might best suit your needs.