About Melbourne


Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, the second largest city in Australia. However, compared to other states and territories, Victoria is the second-smallest state in Australia. Melbourne is set around the shores of Port Phillip Bay. The City of Melbourne sits beside the Yarra River, around 5 kilometres from the Bay.

Melbourne is a home of 3.46 million people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds (at June 30, 2000). This is approximately 73 per cent of the Victorian population. Melbourne's metropolitan areas cover more than 8000 square kilometres. The City of Melbourne covers the city centre and a number of inner-city suburbs. Each suburb has its own personality and character. Parkville Campus is the main campus of the University of Melbourne, located in Carlton - north of the City of Melbourne.

Melbourne has many precincts. Each precinct has unique character and offers different cultural experiences. For example, you can experience Greek culture from the Greek Quarter around Lonsdale Street, Vietnamese on Victoria Street, Italian on Lygon Street, Chinese in Chinatown and French on Collins Street.

Weather and clothing

Weather can affect you and your family during the adjustment period while settling into Melbourne or Australia. Some may get used to a much warmer climate. Some may get used to colder weather. Getting to know what the weather is like in Melbourne can help you prepare and feel more settled.


Melbourne's weather is highly unpredictable and is known to occasionally provide 'four seasons in one day'. A range of clothing for all conditions is recommended for anyone planning to study in or visit Melbourne. The following table provides the lowest, average and highest temperature in Melbourne.


Australian university students dress casually. Australians are generally relaxed when it comes to clothes, but they do tend to dress up at night.

If you are planning to buy warm clothing, shopping in Melbourne may provide you with a larger range at a very competitive price. Please consider investing in a good, warm and durable coat which will last for the duration of your stay. A good woollen scarf and a hat or beanie will provide you with added protection on a chilly day. If you are on a limited budget, another way to dress warmly is to 'layer' your clothing.