Communication and technology

Computers and laptops

Monash University provides a wide range of computing facilities for enrolled students. This includes general access central computer laboratories and faculty-based computer laboratories. Campus centre also provides a number of computer facilities for local and international students.

If you intend to bring your laptop or PC to Melbourne, you need to ensure that it is compatible with Australia's power supply (240W, 220W, 50HZ). Your modem will also need to be compatible with Australia's telephone system (Austel certified).

Emails and internet access

You will receive a free email account and internet credits after you have enrolled in a course at the University. Important information is sent to you by the University through your email account. Please make sure you activate your email account, regularly check your mail boxes and read emails sent from us.

Mobile phones

If you intend to use your existing handset and service provider in Australia ('international roaming'), you will need to contact your home provider to determine the necessary steps in making this arrangement. Alternatively, you may wish to use your current handset whilst in Australia, but connect to a local service provider. There are a variety of mobile phone services operating in Australia which offer short-term (pre-paid) or long-term (contract) plans.

You should be aware, however, that because different countries operate under different cellular systems it is possible that your existing handset may not be compatible locally. In this instance you may be required to purchase a local handset.

Public telephones and post

There are many public telephones available around campus and throughout Melbourne and Victoria. For home phones, there are many service providers in Australia. You can buy local and international calling cards from many newsagents, convenience stores and grocers. An Australia Post's office branch is also located on the Clayton Campus and across Australia.

Useful publications

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