Board of Examiners (BoE)


  • Constitution and membership of BoE
  • Sections of BoE
  • Membership of the Sections
  • Sunway Malaysia October Intake

Running of BoE Meetings

  • Timing of meetings
  • Requirements prior to BoE
  • Requirements at BoE meetings

Key Dates

  • Semester one dates
  • Semester two dates
  • October intake dates



This document applies to all units taught by the Faculty of Engineering.

Responsibilities for implementation:

Associate Dean (Education), Heads of Departments and Faculty Academic Manager

Who needs to know this:

Associate Dean (Education), Heads of Departments, Head of School, Faculty Academic Manager, all academic staff, department administrative staff and faculty student services staff.

Approval body:

Engineering Education Committee

Date effective:

Semester one, 2013

Next review date:


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