1.1. Constitution and membership of BoE
According to Statute 6.1.5 Assessment, the Faculty Board must establish a BoE, and appoint a Chair. The responsibilities of the Board are academic and the composition of BoE must comprise primarily academic staff.

1.2. Roles and responsibilities

  • Determine the final results for each student enrolled in units taught by the faculty, after considering the recommendation of the chief examiners of the units concerned. (In engineering it is the unit coordinators recommendations, not the chief examiner)
  • Award overall course grades, for relevant courses managed by the faculty.
  • Amend final results in the event of an error.
  • Monitor and review the results of units taught by the faculty. This includes considering reports from Chief examiners of units with results outside the grade distribution guidelines approved by the faculty, and making recommendations on the matter to relevant Chief Examiners, and/or sections of BoE, and/or faculty board.
  • Monitor interim grades of all units taught by the faculty.
  • Grant supplementary assessment, according to Faculty guidelines, to students enrolled in courses leading to a degree awarded by the faculty.
  • Monitor compliance with faculty and university legislation, policy and procedures relevant to assessment.
  • Advise the faculty board on any matter relating to assessment.
  • Maintain a record of minutes of BoE meetings. When the BoE is subdivided into sections, the responsibilities of these need to state clearly and unambiguously which section carries each of the above responsibilities. In particular when awarding and/or amending a student mark, it needs to be clear and unambiguous who has the authority to do so.

1.3. Sections of BoE
The BoE is divided into sections. Each section is responsible for a content-specific degree program or branch of engineering. There are sections of the BoE for each of the following areas of study:

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Engineering common first level
  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer systems engineering
  • Electrical and computer systems engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Industrial design
  • Infrastructure - Design, construction and management
  • Materials engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics engineering

Membership of the Sections
Level one section:

  • The Associate Dean (Education) or nominee - Chair
  • The chief and assistant examiners for level one units
  • The Faculty Academic Manager

Other sections:

  • The Head of Department/School responsible for the area of study - Chair
  • The chief and assistant examiners for the units
  • Co-opted members as recommended by the Head of Department/School OR
  • In place of this membership, a smaller representative group selected from among this membership, and deemed by the Head of Department/School to be appropriate for the task.

BoE Guidelines for Sunway Malaysia October Intake

The BoE meeting is chaired by the Associate Dean (Education) in person or via videoconference. The membership of the level one section is:

  • The Associate Dean (Teaching) or nominee - Chair
  • The Faculty Academic Manager
  • The Director of Education (Sunway)
  • The Unit Coordinators/Chief Examiners (Sunway)

Participating Sunway Units for October offering:

  • ENG1030 Electrical systems
  • ENG1040 Engineering dynamics
  • ENG1061 Engineering profession
  • ENG1091 Mathematics for engineering