Running of BoE meetings

  • Constitution and membership of BoE
  • Sections of BoE
  • Membership of the Sections
  • Sunway Malaysia October Intake

2.1. Timing of examination board meetings
Meetings of BoE sections will normally be held at the conclusion of the examination period. The BoE will normally meet not less than 2 days prior to University results release date.

2.2. Requirements Prior to Board of Examiners
Prior to board meetings, all board members must familiarise themselves with the following policies and procedures:

2.3. Requirement at Board of Examiners Meeting

  • Boards of examiners will be chaired by the Dean, Associate Dean (Education), Heads of Departments or their nominee.
  • The meeting should be minuted to ensure that decisions made by the board. are properly recorded.
  • All board appointees for a course are expected to be in attendance for the full duration of board discussion for that course.
  • The board will ratify the results for each course under consideration in turn.

For each course/level, in the following order, the board will:

  • Note and minute any overall anomalies (e.g., results outstanding WH/DEF)
  • Consider and ratify individual results.
  • Ratify, on the advice of course/unit convenors those students requiring course or unit counselling.
  • Determine the appropriate action to be taken in relation to students who need to retake a unit, or be subject to an 'unsatisfactory progress' process.
  • Commend outstanding results.
  • Review grade distributions.