Calculators in Examinations Procedure (AAA1001)

Scope: This procedure apply to all chief examiners for units offered by the Faculty of Engineering.

Definitions and acronyms: Open book examination - You can bring and use any material except:

  • a calculator
  • computer
  • electronic device
  • electronic dictionary.

The following procedures set out the responsibilities of chief examiners associated with permitting the use of electronic devices (including calculators) in examinations.

  1. Chief examiners have three options related to calculators in examinations:
    a) any calculator is permitted
    b) no calculator is permitted
    c) specific calculators are permitted (ie a Faculty of Engineering approved calculator).
  2. Where a chief examiner allows option c, the exact type of device must be specified and advised to students in the unit guide. The faculty's unit guide template currently lists the faculty approved scientific calculators (see D. Examinations section 6.3 of the Unit Assessment Procedures).
  3. Chief examiners must advise Examinations Branch on the examination instruction form which option applies.
  4. The unit assessment procedures provide for two checking mechanisms to ensure that only the permitted calculators are taken into the examinations - a security sticker system, or attendance of the chief examiner at the examination venue to check the calculators. In the Faculty of Engineering, the security sticker system is used.
  5. The faculty office is responsible for administering the security sticker system and will arrange a supply of Faculty of Engineering 'approved for use' labels.
  6. The Manager, Academic and Student Services will provide an example of the 'approved for use' label to the Manager, Examinations Branch.
  7. The faculties approved calculator list will be recorded on the faculty website.
  8. The Manager, Academic and Student Services will advise students of the process for having their calculators checked against the specifications at the relevant campus Faculty/School Office.
  9. Students should present at the relevant Faculty/School office to have their calculators inspected and verified with a sticker, no later than the last day of 'swot vac'.
  10. Faculty staff will affix the approved for use sticker to the calculator after checking it is listed on the faculties approved calculator list. Where a calculator is not recorded on the approved calculator list and does not have programmable, text storage, symbolic equation, graphing or wireless capabilities the student may apply to the faculty to have the calculator assessed for approval.
  11. Students studying a unit via distance education will be required to scan a copy of their calculator (with the brand and series clearly showing) and email this using their student email account to the relevant Faculty Office/School. The calculator will be checked against specifications and a sticker issued on the scan. This will be rescanned and sent to the student's email account. Students must bring the rescanned and therefore 'authorised' scan of their calculator to their final examination.
  12. If a student presents at a final examination with a calculator that does not have the Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of Science 'approved for use' label, the Examinations Branch will allow the student to sit the examination and use the calculator but will complete a 'calculator report form' for submission to the department or school.
  13. Upon receipt of the report, the chief examiner should consult with the Faculty Academic Manager who will determine whether there are grounds to invoke disciplinary proceedings.

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