Dealing with plagiarism and cheating in non-examination assessment

Plagiarism and cheating related to non-examination assessment must be dealt with following university policy and procedures.

The following flowcharts are intended to give a quick and easy guide on how to proceed in cases of plagiarism and possible cheating

Related letters The guides above assume that departments have processes in place to ensure that:
  • Students have been given instruction on (in lectures, tutorials and practice classes), or referred to guidelines on what constitutes plagiarism and how it should be avoided (eg unit guide), and that
  • Student written work is handed in with the assignment cover sheet with a statement signed by the student stating that their assignment does not contain material previously published (in print or online), or material written by another person that has not been properly referenced or cited. This cover sheet includes the approved definition of plagiarism and a statement on collusion, as in the university assessment cover sheet.