Dealing with plagiarism, collusion and cheating

Step 1:

Call the student into a meeting using the email template (DOCX, 0.05 MB). If there is more than one student you will need to interview them separately, even for cases of collusion where it looks like the students have been working together.

Students must be notified of allegations at least 4 days before the meeting, in writing and sent the evidence we have against them such as the Turnitin report.

Step 2:

Interview the student using the Academic Misconduct Interview Script (DOCX, 0.06 MB) and complete the relevant sections. The faculty encourages students to bring a support person with them however this is limited to one person who is there to support the student and not advocate on their behalf. This is usually, but not always, a MSA or MPA advocate.

Intentional Academic Misconduct: an act done knowing it is not honest

Reckless Academic Misconduct: an act done without regard to its risk or disregarding a known risk

NOTE: You must have a witness present during your interview.

Step 3:

Send all documents to the Academic Integrity Officer:

A flowchart of the Academic Integrity process for the Faculty of Engineering can be found here (PDF, 0.18 MB).

For any additional help or questions please email: or call Chloe Priebee on extension 31663.