Implementation of the New Coursework Assessment Framework (AAA1000)

A new University coursework assessment framework will take effect from 15 February 2010. There will be revised university legislation, policy and procedures for coursework assessment. These include a new Statute 6.1.5 - Assessment; amended Assessment Regulations; new Assessment in Coursework Programs Policy; and new Unit Assessment procedures.

These University documents can be accessed at

All faculty procedures relating to assessment and examinations will be conducted in accordance with the new Assessment in Coursework Programs Policy and Unit Assessment Procedures.

In accordance with the new framework, the faculty will be introducing the following policy amendments from 2010:

1. Board of Examiners
In accordance with Statute 6.1.5 - Assessment, the Board of Examiners of a faculty "must, after considering the recommendation of the chief examiners of the units concerned, determine the final results for each student enrolled in units taught by the faculty". The Board of examiners is also "responsible for the monitoring and review of results in units taught by the faculty". The main change here relates to the emphasis on "units taught by the faculty", whereas previous Board of Examiners had considered all units offered in Engineering courses.

2. Supplementary Assessment
Section 5 of the new assessment regulations made under Statute 6.1.5 - Assessment reads as follows:

5. Supplementary Assessment
5.1 In this section 'faculty' means the degree faculty

5.2 The board of examiners of a faculty may grant a supplementary unit assessment to a student in respect of a unit completed no more than 12 months previously -
5.2.1 where the final result in the unit is no more than 5%, or equivalent, below the required pass figure; and
5.2.2 the student has passed all other units in which the student was enrolled during the teaching period concerned where -
5.2.3 a pass in the unit would complete all academic requirements for the degree; or
5.2.4 the board of examiners is satisfied, in accordance with guidelines published by the faculty board, that failure in the unit will significantly impact on the student‟s academic progress.

5.3 Where the course of study concerned leads to the award of two degrees, the board of examiners of the degree faculty must consult with that of the managing faculty before granting a supplementary assessment.

5.4 A supplementary assessment must be in the form determined by the chief examiner of the unit.

5.5 The final unit result after a supplementary assessment is as determined by the board of examiners of the faculty, provided that no more than 50% of the maximum mark for the unit may be awarded.

5.6 A student may be granted no more than two supplementary assessments in respect of one course of study, unless the faculty, in circumstances it deems exceptional, otherwise determines.

The main changes to note are that supplementary assessment will now only be granted where the final grade of a failed unit is in the range of 45-49%. The unit must have been completed in the last 12 months and must be the only unit failed in a teaching period.

Accordingly, a new supplementary assessment policy has been approved and can be accessed at

3. NP Policy
The University will cease awarding Near Pass (NP) grades for units at the end of 2009. Students who are enrolled in a unit in the academic year of 2010 or greater will not be eligible for an NP if the mark falls between 45 and 49. Accordingly, the NP grade will be removed from the University's 2010 grading schema.

Students with an outstanding result in a unit from 2009 (or earlier) will still be eligible to be awarded an NP if they meet the faculty criteria. As most pre-2010 results should be finalised, the University is allowing students a small window of opportunity to apply for an NP (for a pre-2010 unit). Examinations will notify students via email of this change. A website is currently being developed by Examinations to outline the process, deadline for applications etc.

Engineering Education Committee (EEC) approved an NP Phase out policy in late 2009. However, in light of the University decision outlined above, the policy is now void.

4. Re-marking
The faculty has developed a re-marking policy in accordance with the new assessment framework, and based on the principle that re-marking should be part of the assessment quality assurance processes, and hence students should not have an automatic right to have their work re-marked. In line with current Verification of Fail Grade Procedures, procedures relating to this policy have been developed to deal with student complaints regarding possible errors in the marking of their work.

Accordingly, new re-marking policy and procedures have been approved and can be accessed at

5. Course Transfer
The faculty has developed course transfer policy and procedures in order to be consistent with the University's formal policies and procedures relating to the selection of course transfer applicants and applicants entering courses via other pathways.

Accordingly, new course transfer policy and procedures have been approved and can be accessed at

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