Step 3: Moodle assessment

Your CPD is usually due by 11:59pm on the Friday of Week 3 of your final semester of units. The due date for students course-completing in Semester 2, 2021 is Friday 13th August.

Once you have completed recording all your CPD experiences and skill reflections in Student Futures you will be ready to submit your CPD for assessment on Moodle.

This final step has multiple components:

  • Self-enrol in the CPD Moodle unit (type CPD into the search bar, and find the unit for your department)
  • Answer the 6 CPD Assessment questions
  • Upload your Engineering CPD Summary Report from Student Futures
  • Upload your supporting documents for the experiences you’ve claimed towards your CPD on Student Futures
  • Accept the Student Statement and finalise your submission

The 6 CPD Assessment questions ask you to address the key Engineers Australia Stage 1 competencies.

You can preview the 6 CPD Assessment questions (PDF, 0.71 MB) here, but please note that they may change over time, so this attachment is a guide only.

Once your CPD submission has been successfully uploaded, an academic from your department will assess your submission (including verifying your claims with the people whose contact details you provided as part of your submissions and reviewing your supporting documentation PDF). Note that the assessment process only begins after the submission deadline each semester, so if you have submitted early you will not receive feedback on your submission until after the submission deadline.

If you don’t pass your CPD on your first attempt you can re-submit your work until it's satisfactory, as long as you meet the due date. Your assessing academic will let you know what needs attention. When you pass CPD you will receive an SFR (Satisfies Faculty Requirements), and you will have completed your CPD.

CPD and Academic Integrity

CPD is an academic unit, and as such falls under Monash’s Student Academic Integrity Policy (PDF, 0.04 MB).

When you submit your CPD for assessment it will be checked by TurnItIn for plagiarism.

The Faculty of Engineering audit CPD submissions every semester to ensure there are no academic integrity issues.

There will be severe penalties for anyone caught falsifying claims on their CPD. Failure to supply accurate and honest details about the activities you have attended, the hours you spent at those activities, the skills you have developed, the experiences you were exposed to, or accurate contact details and supporting documentation for verification purposes, would put your graduation in jeopardy if you were suspended or excluded from the university. Monash University’s policy on Academic Integrity applies in each of those instances, and for all CPD submissions. Furthermore, as a future Engineer, you should be upholding the Engineers Australia Stage 1 competency of ethical conduct and personal accountability.