Why an Internship

Why an internship?

An internship can help you gain new skills and industry knowledge, build contacts and networks. There are many personal and professional benefits of completing a WIL internship.

Improve your Employability

Undertaking an internship can help you build invaluable industry experience, develop your professional skills, and create contacts and networks within a particularly organisation or sector.

Employers may end up hiring interns upon graduation, or provide references, connections and guidance to help with career development.

Make a difference

Host organisations value the skills and new thinking that Engineering students bring to the workplace. Students can make a big impact across many different organisations by providing operational support, complex problem solving and working on key projects.

Improve your Study

Completing an internship can also help you with your studies. Putting the knowledge you're gaining into a professional context can give greater depth to your understanding of your discipline area and consolidate your learning through reporting and reflecting on your experience.

Get academic credit

Completion of ENG5008 will be recorded on your academic transcript and you will obtain credit towards completion of your course.

Spread your enrolment across the year

If you complete a unit over the summer or winter breaks, you can reduce your course load during semester, allowing you to focus more on the units you study.