Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I check that I am enrolled in CPD?

To check if you are enrolled, go to the Web Enrolment System (WES), and look for ENG0001 under your list of units.

2. Do I need to re-enrol in CPD every semester?

You can be enrolled in CPD (ENG0001) at any time during your degree. Once you are enrolled you do not need to re-enrol every semester, your initial enrolment is valid for the duration of your degree. Note that ENG0001 is now a co-requisite with the first half of your final year project. So when you enrol in your final year project units you will be prompted to enrol in ENG0001.

3. How do I find the CPD module in Moodle?

To find the unit in Moodle please visit the Moodle page, type 'CPD' in the search bar, select your department’s version of the CPD Moodle module, open it, and click the 'Enrol me' button to begin the assessment piece.

4. When is my CPD due?

Your deadline to complete your CPD, (this includes completing the process in Student Futures and submitting the assessment piece in Moodle) will be 11.59pm on the Friday of Week 3 in the semester containing your final Engineering unit. Please be prepared for this deadline and have your Student Futures submissions completed well before this time.

5. When will I receive my CPD assessment outcome?

Providing you submitted your CPD on time (see question 4 above), your CPD will be assessed by no later than the end of SWOT VAC in the semester which you submitted. Please note that CPD submissions are assessed at different times, so you won't necessarily receive your grade at the same time as another person in your class.

6. What supporting documentation do I need to provide?

Whatever you can provide and believe will be useful as evidence of your hours and/or responsibilities at each of your larger, more substantial activities, such as work experience, volunteering with Engineers Without Borders (EWB), being on the Committee of Clubs & Societies, etc. 'Larger activities' are defined as anything with a duration of one week (35 hours) or more. Letters or similar documentation from these activities would be useful supporting documents to keep on-hand.

Download a Open letter to employers (PDF, 0.14 MB) to provide to your employer to request work experience opportunities and the appropriate supporting documentation.

We suggest creating a combined PDF document (featuring all items in chronological order) comprising all relevant documentation pertaining to your large CPD activities, to which you would continue to add new documents, until you were ready to submit the finished product in Moodle along with your assessment piece. (Or you could keep the hard copies in a file, add to it throughout your course, and scan them in as a single PDF all at once, right at the end – although this may riskier, if you lose that file and all its contents at any point during your time at Monash.) It’s up to each student how they choose to collate their supporting documents PDF, but the onus is on each of you to supply these items in a single PDF when course-completion is nearing. Telling us that you lost your supporting documentation will not be acceptable.

You do not need to supply us with supporting documentation for smaller activities (anything from 1 to 34 hours) like weekend short courses or one-day seminars. You also do not need to supply us with any supporting documentation for any curriculum-related activities, apart from Study Abroad / Study Exchange activities, as these are considered larger activities.

Additionally, you need to provide us with the name, position/title, email address and phone number of your boss, supervisor, mentor or colleague (or someone else who can vouch for your hours and responsibilities) at each activity for verification purposes. These can be the generic contact details for the company or club, but you must provide something and it must be accurate.

If your supporting documentation isn’t in English, that’s okay. You’re only required to provide us with your supporting documentation; you’re not required to have them translated. The responsibility of having non-English supporting documentation translated into English falls with the academic who will be checking your documents. All you have to worry about is that you have provided them, and they are genuine.

There will be severe penalties for anyone caught falsifying claims on their CPD. Failure to supply accurate and honest details about the activities you have attended, the hours you spent at those activities, the skills you have developed, the experiences you were exposed to, or accurate contact details and supporting documentation for verification purposes, would put your graduation in jeopardy if you were suspended or excluded from the university. Monash University’s policy on Academic Integrity applies in each of those instances, and for all CPD submissions. Furthermore, as a future Engineer, you should be upholding the Engineers Australia Stage 1 competency of ethical conduct and personal accountability.