CPD Seminars, Workshops and Lab Sessions

Engineering Faculty staff run various events to assist students understand, write to, and complete their CPD requirements. Each of these events is free for Monash Clayton Engineering undergraduate students to attend; all you need to do is use the online booking system to reserve your seat, and bring along your Student ID Card, and your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other electronic device containing the e-ticket that was emailed to you when you RSVP'd. See a description of each event type below.

CPD Demonstration & Information Seminars

The Demonstration & Information Seminars are a series of hour-long lectures where the CPD Project Officer runs through a brief overview of your CPD requirements, demonstrates how to submit items to Student Futures, and tells you what’s involved with the Moodle assessment piece.

A total of 33 CPD Demonstration & Information Seminars have been held throughout 2017 and over the 2017-2018 summer break. Students who did not attend one of these Seminars can view a video at the bottom of this page.

CPD Writing Workshops

The Writing Workshops are run by the Learning Skills Advisers of the Library, and will focus on familiarising students with certain writing styles that are essential for completing their CPD. Being able to write reflections on Student Futures in the ‘STAR’ method is a skill many students may benefit from revising with the assistance of a professional, and knowing how best to compose your answers to the assessment questions on Moodle is paramount - so look out for notification of upcoming Writing Workshops. They will prove particularly useful for any Engineering student who would benefit from a refresher course on how to write effectively in either of the methods mentioned above. To attend one of these Workshops, students must have either attended a CPD Demonstration & Information Seminar, or watched the 32-minute video at the bottom of this page, otherwise you won't understand the content of the Workshops. RSVPs are essential.

There are currently no CPD Writing Workshops scheduled. When new dates are announced, an RSVP link will appear here.

CPD Lab Sessions

The Lab Sessions are run by the CPD Project Officer and a group of volunteers, and take place in computer labs at various times of the year.

Partly an informative demonstration, and partly a literal session of submitting your own data to the system, the Lab Sessions are an excellent opportunity for students to be reassured that their Student Futures submissions are on-track with what’s expected of them. Any questions, concerns or confusion can be answered on the spot.

There are currently no CPD Lab Sessions scheduled. When new dates are announced, an RSVP link will appear here.

We will be offering more of these CPD events in the coming months for different cohorts. Some may be specifically designed for final year students, some for international students, some for double-degree students, and others may be more general. They will be designed for you to find answers and clarity to any questions or concerns you may have.

RSVPs will be essential for each Seminar, Workshop and Lab Session, and when new dates are announced, there will be a link to the RSVP site on this page.

If you did not attend one of the CPD Demonstration & Information Seminars between February and April 2017, or if you did but you wish to revise what you learned, you can stream the below video (approximately 32 minutes).