Vacation work

Completing work experience during your semester break lets you experience working in a professional workplace, and it counts toward your CPD.

Vacation work (work experience)

Vacation work (work experience) assists students to take the first step into a professional workplace. It is an opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge by working alongside industry representatives and contributing to real business projects. It will give you an excellent insight into the life of an engineer as you network, explore, and familiarise yourself with an engineering workplace. It will also help you gain specific and highly valuable on-the-job training and professional development.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is compulsory for all Engineering undergraduate students at Monash Clayton, beginning with those students whose final Engineering unit will be undertaken in Semester 2, 2017. Work experience (supervised by the host organisation) will count toward your CPD time.

If your work experience is with an Engineering-related company, 100% of the time you spend will count towards your CPD minimum hour requirement.

If your work experience is with a non-Engineering-related company, your time there can count for up to 50% of your CPD minimum hour requirement.

See our FAQs page for more details.


It is a requirement of Monash University that all learning tasks undertaken as part of a student’s work experience must be supervised by the host organisation. If you are being paid for your work experience, your employer’s work cover / liability insurance will apply to you as well.

If you are not being paid, Monash University has insurance that covers a maximum of 80 hours per employer. Monash’s insurance policy will not apply to unpaid work experience if it is not supervised by the host organisation.

Download an open letter to employers (PDF, 0.22 MB) explaining this insurance requirement.

Find out more by reading this additional information on unpaid work insurance.

Find vacation work and employment opportunities

Search for vacation work and employment opportunities through Monash University online job system Career Gateway

Visit Career Connect Jobs and careers for additional information and links to assist you in:

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  • Applying for a Job – Application methods, cover letters, interviews
  • Understanding workplace rights – Workplace rights
  • Planning your career – Develop a career plan
  • Improving employability – Developing your skills
  • Attending career events – Career development programs

Here are some links to help you search for vacation employment beyond the Career Gateway:

The staff at Career Connect can suggest strategies and resources to help you with your work experience search, as well as provide details on CPD-relevant workshops, seminars and leadership opportunities. Feel free to drop in for a 10-minute chat or book a 30-minute appointment. (Go to Appointments with consultants for more information about both.)