Why chemical and biological engineering?

We are delighted to announce that we have changed our name to Monash Chemical and Biological Engineering! The department name change recognises that the field is continuing to evolve as Engineers engage with a wide variety of industries and societal challenges. Biology has become fully integrated with the practice of chemical engineering as well as driving the field of biological engineering in its own right. A greater focus on biological engineering is also an important strategy for creating a more sustainable future.

The department’s single and double degrees in Chemical Engineering will continue and increasingly include Biological approaches within the engineering solution set to best match industry needs and cutting edge research in the field. Over one-third of our students already opt for Chemical Engineering degrees coupled to another course with extensive biological content. In 2021, we began offering a Masters of Biological Engineering – and students now have a pathway to a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Biological Engineering in just five years.

The department’s research already includes Biological Engineering with over 70 percent of our academic staff engaged in biologically-relevant research – including our showcase bioprocessing efforts at the Bioresource Processing Institute of Australia (BioPRIA) and Monash-Industry Palm Oil Education and Research Platform (MIPO). In summary, the name change to Chemical & Biological Engineering best reflects the department’s current teaching and research efforts – and is an important step as we work towards a more sustainable future for the processing industries.