Postgraduate research opportunities

Current research project availability

Following is a sample of the research projects currently available within the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Interested applicants should refer to information on admission requirements and scholarship eligibility on the university website at

For general information on the projects please contact the relevant staff member using the contact details provided below.

Listed on Project title/outline For more information
10 Aug 2017 Extraction of High – Purity MgO out of Ferrite – Matrix in Yallourn Fly Ash (PDF, 141KB)Ms Lilyanne Price
+61 3 9905 1872
10 Aug 2017 Ash slagging and fouling behaviour during the advanced, high-efficiency combustion of low (PDF, 93KB)Ms Lilyanne Price
+61 3 9905 1872
24 Jan 2017 The Food and Dairy GRIPDr Ilija Sutalo
+61 3 990 51342