Surface and Colloidal Engineering, and Molecular Rheology

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Corrosion science and engineering group, a surface engineering activity under the leadership of Professor Raman Singh, is engaged heavily into applied industrial research, e.g., understanding and mitigation of corrosion and stress corrosion crackling in alumina processing and several other industries. The group also undertakes considerable fundamental research (e.g., remarkable corrosion resistance as a result of nanocrystalline structure, and magnesium alloys for potential biomedical/orthopaedic applications).

The Molecular Rheology Group at Monash University, under the leadership of Professor Ravi Jagadeeshan, is currently engaged in research on a wide range of soft-matter systems. Specific research activities include development of molecular theories for the rheological behavior of polymer solutions; the study of the response to shear and extensional flow of solutions of DNA and other biomacromolecules; and the numerical simulation of free-surface flows.